Additional Email Marketing Credits

Optional BlueCamroo Bulk Email Server Charges. ( 1 credit = 1 email sent.)
Initial 100 credits FREE
1,000 credits $25.00
5,000 credits $115.00
10,000 credits $200.00
25,000 credits $400.00
50,000 credits $600.00
100,000 credits $900.00
250,000 credits $1,625.00
Each additional 10,000 credits over 250,000 $65.00
Note: Bulk Email Marketing Credits do not expire, and remain on your Account until used.
Tip: Use your own SMTP Server and get Email Marketing FREE
 These charges are for sending bulk email via BlueCamroo's servers. If you use your own server or an alternative service, there are no additional charges for Email Marketing.

Here is a great tool if you are planning on bringing your own SMTP sever.

Small campaigns can often be sent via your existing ISP or email provider's SMTP servers. To send lots of campaign email, we recommend a dedicated bulk SMTP gateway service such as