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Capture your customers, don't CAPTCHA them

By: Karl Mamer 3/5/2013 1:10 PM

Take a step back. What ARE you protecting? The Crown Jewels? Then crank up the CAPTCHA. A random spam comment showing up once a week on your company blog? If you're running a company blog, you're going to want to be vigilant anyway. Cleaning up some spam isn't that onerous of a job. You can also make your blog comments requiring approval before posting. The danger in this approach is the honest blog commenter is robbed of the instant gratification of seeing his/her words posted immediately. If you're trying to nurture engagement, it's a good way to snuff it out.

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Dealing with a small software company or an artisan software company?

By: Karl Mamer 1/28/2013 11:46 AM

Sometimes we're conditioned to think companies ignore suggestions. When companies do respond it's both delightful and maybe a little disarming. I've been struggling with the Microsoft Surface. It was a Christmas gift. (Thank you, guilt-ridden divorced dads of the world!) I tilted between returning it and keeping it. I've largely concluded it's about finding new ways to do things I'm comfortable doing in Android. At some point I used the feedback link on an app and the developer got back to me within hours. I didn't expect that. If our suggestions are actually being read, we generally just assume they're kind of collected and synthesized in a kind of zen like way and then, maybe, eventually, we'll see something not entirely resembling our most cherished feature request.

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Breaking up (leads) is never hard to do

By: Karl Mamer 10/20/2011 1:40 PM

In BlueCamroo, Leads are what I like to call "the big slush pile". The Leads section is where you enter your first contacts. Got a business card at a trade show? Saw someone on Twitter? Someone filled out a Send Me Information form on your web site? Got an inquiry to your email? These are all leads. And they can all be captured easily and in the later two cases automatically by BlueCamroo.

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Check it out

By: Karl Mamer 9/8/2011 3:09 PM

Your heaviest use of documents will probably involve projects. A project has two ways of uploading and sharing documents. The Attachments button works the same as above. The Documents button, however, gives you powerful source control features. Add a document in a fashion similar to adding an attachment. After uploading the document, BlueCamroo presents you with several new options. You'll note there's no Browse button. You cannot upload a file over top until you click the Checkout button. Clicking that will bring up a standard download box. After downloading, the downloader is presented with two primary options. Click Check In upload the updated file. It's good to leave comments, helping other users understand what changes were made. This dialog also has a Send Notification box, check that to alert users you've modified the file.

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By: Karl Mamer 9/6/2011 1:25 PM

One of BlueCamroo's strengths in the cloud marketplace is it brings a lot of business productivity cloud apps together into a unified package: CRM, project management, customer support, social CRM, social networking reputation managements, email marketing. Well, I could go on. But you get the idea. That said, BlueCamroo is an application you need to invest some time learning. We've done a lot to create a real world default setup and create a number of setup wizards that get BlueCamroo customized for your office environment. We've designed BlueCamroo so you can start using it out of the box for your basic CRM needs and then "ramp up". We spend a considerable amount of time "pouring cold blood" on the interface and wondering how to make it intuitive.

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