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One System - One Price

  • All the Features an SMB Needs

  • Save on Costs and Eliminate Redundant Systems

  • Easily access all of your important client data from one place

Boost Your Lead Management

  • Capture leads and opportunities in many ways

  • Track & Optimize your sales pipeline

  • Qualify & Nurture your Leads

Streamline Your Projects

  • Create reusable Project Templates, Stages, Tasks & Dependencies

  • Get the whole picture of your projects with the Visual Workbench

  • Easily Manage Change in your projects
  • Automate Invoices, Client Approvals & Signoffs

  • Auto-Schedule you project with the click of a button

Fuel Your Profitability

  • Create & Compare Project Budgets to Actual Costs

  • Forecast Revenue & Expenses

  • Improve Client Relationships & Retention

  • Generate time sheets and Bill for Actual Time used

  • Use Resource Management to make your team More Efficient

Enhance Your Team Collaboration

  • Share Status Updates, Post Comments & Schedule Meetings

  • Create Follow-up Tasks, Share Documents & Team Resources

  • Coordinate Tasks, Project Activities, Meetings, Notifications & Work

Automate Your Business Processes

  • Create Workflows to Speed up your Response Times

  • Eliminate Human Error and Forgetfulness from Business Procedures

  • Free up time for your employees to do more important tasks

Note: If you choose to use the full version BlueCamroo, your workspace can't be downgraded to BlueCamroo Lite. Additionally, if you want to keep your URL you will have to request it directly from us..

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