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BlueCamroo Release Notes 6.0.0

The goal of this release was to prepare BlueCamroo for future updates, by updating Internal System Architecture to support the future 'Workspace Collaboration Bridge'. We've also updated BlueCamroos' UI, making it look more modern and sharp. Lastly, we've overhauled Snapshots so that they are a better representation of what they were intended to be when originally developed - a true summary of your records.

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Published on: 5/2/2017 14:58

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.6.0

This version 5.6.0 release adds Estimate and Budget functionality to BlueCamroo. Making it easy to see what a potential Project could cost internally with Estimates, and comparing and tracking actual Project Costs with Budgeted Project Costs with Budgets.

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Published on: 11/9/2016 09:00

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10 Must-Have Features for Your Project Management Software

Integrating project management software into your everyday project workflows provides your company with a real competitive edge in managing all aspects of your ongoing activities. But there is a wide gap in functionality between various project management programs. So, knowing which features actually make your work life better and improve your overall profitability is extremely important.

Here are ten (10) essential features, and a few extras as an added bonus, that can help you manage your projects more effectively.

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Published on: 12/6/2017 16:09 - Pride comes before...? believe they offer the only CRM that provides customer success, incorporates Social innovations; has a mobile version; uses proven technology; or was designed for the cloud. I mean... seriously?
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Published on: 10/9/2013 13:50