Importing your data into BlueCamroo

Import People, Organizations and Contacts

If you have contact data from other systems, importing this data into BlueCamroo is a great way to get going.  This video walks you through the import process.

To import your data successfully, you'll need to have an overall understanding of how BlueCamroo stores data:

A Person record in BlueCamroo stores information about... yes... a person: information like name and home phone number, that will remain true of the person as they move from job to job, and whether or not they may be a customer of yours.

An Organization record stores information about any organization, such as a company, association or other grouping. This might include the company's web address and main switchboard number, for example.

A Contact record stores information about a Person-at-an-Organization.  So if Joe is working at Acme Widgets, the Contact record would store information that is true for Joe only as long as he is at Acme: information such as his office phone number; work email address; etc.

You can learn more about preparing your data for import in Appendix 2 of the User Guide