Pay Only for The Features Each User Needs

When building BlueCamroo, giving our customers choice and flexibility was always our priority. As a result, BlueCamroo offers the full-featured benefits of an ‘all-in-one’ business solution built together as one cohesive platform. We also realized that not every user needs access to every feature of the system.

This is why we created BlueCamroo’s unique flexible subscription model, which combined with the system itself, has resulted in a solution which can grow with you as your business’ needs evolve, and it has done so for many of our customers.

BlueCamroo's Subscription Model Advantage

BlueCamroo is offered through a unique, industry-first flexible subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose different User-Roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs to do their job. Every user of BlueCamroo is assigned a User-Role, or multiple User-Roles, which are associated with hand-picked feature sets and corresponding subscription plan(s):

  • CRM (Base-Foundation of BlueCamroo)
  • Sales (Extension)
  • Projects (Extension)
  • Support (Extension)
  • Complete (Includes CRM  and All Extensions)

A business can start by implementing CRM first by assigning CRM User-Roles only, which are free for up to 4 Users. Additional CRM only User-Roles, are available at a nominal cost per user. Once a business starts assigning additional paid User-Roles to CRM users, they no longer count against the free CRM user limit. In addition, any user with any paid User-Role will always have access to everything available in CRM.

User Roles in Action

Acme Widgets is a business with 11 people using BlueCamroo. Instead of 11 people all paying the same price, each of them is only paying for the extensions they use:

  • Jack the CEO is using Complete to keep an eye on everything
  • 2 Users have Sales
  • 3 Users have Projects 
  • 2 Users have Support
  • 4 have access to CRM only, but everyone has access to CRM!

You may have noticed that the numbers above don't add up to 11, that because some of the users have multiple User-Roles, giving businesses the flexibility they need to save money.

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