Get connected. Our API lets you integrate your BlueCamroo data into your business.

About the API... for Business Owners

The BlueCamroo API ("Application Programming Interface") provides a way for other programs to connect to BlueCamroo to use and update information.  By using the API, it is possible to connect other systems that your business uses to share data with BlueCamroo, making your whole business more streamlined and efficient.

The API consists of a particular set of messages that other systems can send to BlueCamroo to request information or add and update data, and responses that BlueCamroo will send back.  To make use of these, you will need a developer who is able to write your own integration programs that create the request messages in the correct format, and that will be able to read BlueCamroo's responses and use them in your other systems.

Connection to the API is secure.  Your integration program will log in to BlueCamroo as a User, and is subject to the User Permissions set up in BlueCamroo.  (You may want to log the API in as an existing user, or create an additional User just for API connections.)

There are no additional charges to use the API.

About the API... for Developers

The BlueCamroo API is a RESTful Web Service, using standard HTTP protocols.

All messages use JSON or XML format.


Full information to use the API is included in the Online API Documentation.

Note:  To develop for the BlueCamroo API, it is extremely helpful to have a good overall understanding of how the BlueCamroo system operates. You can click here to download the BlueCamroo User Guide. Additional information is available in the system online help.