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BlueCamroo Release Notes 6.0.0

The goal of this release was to prepare BlueCamroo for future updates, by updating Internal System Architecture to support the future 'Workspace Collaboration Bridge'. We've also updated BlueCamroos' UI, making it look more modern and sharp. Lastly, we've overhauled Snapshots so that they are a better representation of what they were intended to be when originally developed - a true summary of your records.

Published on: 5/2/2017 14:58

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.6.0

This version 5.6.0 release adds Estimate and Budget functionality to BlueCamroo. Making it easy to see what a potential Project could cost internally with Estimates, and comparing and tracking actual Project Costs with Budgeted Project Costs with Budgets.

Published on: 11/9/2016 09:00

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.5.3

This version 5.5.3 release adds Web-to-Opportunities, Task Reminders for the Update Stream, a new extra field type for URLs, new placeholders for Time Billing in Invoices, and more.

Published on: 7/26/2016 14:20

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.5.2

This Version 5.5.2 release is all about choice and Sales Quotes. Significant improvements have been made to Sales Quote functionality aimed at giving you and your Customers more options and flexibility.

Published on: 6/14/2016 17:00

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.5.1

The BlueCamroo development team are currently working very hard on a set of exciting new features that will address estimating, tracking and managing project costs and resources (team members). You’ll start to see these features releasing before the end of 2015. Alongside this work, we have been continuing to implement small enhancements, sometimes at the request of particular users, and sometimes just to take advantage of opportunities we have spotted while working with customers and with the BlueCamroo system.

Published on: 10/8/2015 17:05

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.5.0

This Version 5.5.0 release sees a complete revision of BlueCamroo’s External Users Portal, as well as small enhancements to streamline Project Management and increase flexibility in handling Cases.
Published on: 4/14/2015 18:04

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.4.0

This Version 5.4.0 release strengthens project management, streamlines processing of received payments, adds new Timesheet functions, and more. There are also subtle modifications to some existing functions, so please take a little time to read the following details and note any changes that are important to you.
Published on: 3/13/2015 13:56

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.3.0

This Version 5.3.0 release focuses mainly on enhancing and streamlining Invoicing, including faster ways of creating an invoice for one-off sales; improved control of stage billing; and smart new features for billing time. But there’s also a new configurable home page, and a number of small enhancements that will be helpful to all users.
Published on: 1/28/2015 17:03

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.2.0

Significant improvements to email handling, increasing integration with Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Exchange email services, as well as generic IMAP-based mail services.
Published on: 1/23/2015 17:06

BlueCamroo Release Notes 5.1.3

Can you better support your customers and save hours of work for your Support Agents at the same time? The BlueCamroo Support Knowledge Base gives your agents a place to store, categorize, and quickly locate answers to commonly asked support questions.
Published on: 5/21/2014 17:41