Complete your BlueCamroo with your own products
and services lists and price books for maximum benefit.

Why keep your product and service price lists separately and why worry about offering special discounts after the fact? Let BlueCamroo do it all for you. While you are building the sales opportunity or creating the project, BlueCamroo will allow you to add products and services from the lists you create for an accounts selected price book.

What’s a price book and why do I need one?

Some businesses provide clients of different business types or locations with specialized pricing. You may have a non-profits price book for 10% off any product or service or you may have customers in Europe pay in Euros at a set exchange rate. Whether it’s a discounted or inflated rate or the option for customers to pay in a different currency, BlueCamroo can handle it by allowing you to create as many price books as you wish.

Create your products and services lists

Once you’ve created your price books, start building your product list and add them to your price books. With complete product lists, creating sales opportunities, projects and invoices in BlueCamroo will be effortless.

See it all in action

When you start building your next sales opportunity or next project, see your product lists in action. Depending on what price book each account uses, the available products and the appropriate pricing will be applied.

And when it’s time to bill for your projects, your invoices will automatically be created with the right prices and appropriate discounts for your customer accounts. It’s like magic, but it isn’t – it’s BlueCamroo.

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