A Smarter CRM Can Help Any Business With Customers

The one thing all businesses have in common is that they all have clients, and they all want to do a better job of serving them.

That means any tool assisting them in achieving their goal is an invaluable asset to their business.

That is the reason we decided to make our Free CRM the foundation for our entire platform.

Managing Your Customer’s Entire Lifecycle Begins with CRM

With CRM you will be able to take control of how your business deals with leads and customers by having the right tool for the job.

You will gain transparency over touch-points you have had with every single contact and optimize their buying journey.

You will be able to track your clients from when you first make contact, throughout your deals with them and into every upselling opportunity and beyond.

You will be able to witness your entire team be able to see and analyze every note, email and call log, making sure your business can get the most out of each opportunity with these included tools:

  • Multi-Channel Lead Capturing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Task Management
  • Call and Meeting Scheduling
  • and more …
  • Base Workflow Automation
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Collaboration Engine
  • Base Customization Options

CRM is the Foundation for the Entire BlueCamroo Platform

BlueCamroo is not just a CRM, it is a Business Management Software built on top of a CRM platform which allows you to add any of BlueCamroo’s distinct and powerful extensions to the CRM foundation, and pay only for the features your business actually needs.

With BlueCamroo software you can start transforming your business today by signing up for CRM and when your business demands it, adopt any of the extensions: Sales, Projects, or Support; or combine them all for the best value with Complete. Our innovative business model allows you to scale up to any of these extensions as you need it without bloating your bill. Click picture to expand.

You can discover more about 4 distinct benefits of BlueCamroo and how your business can realize these benefits to your advantage please visit BlueCamroo Benefits Page.

Pay Only for The Feature Each User Needs - BlueCamroo's User-Role Model Explained

BlueCamroo is offered through a unique, industry-first flexible subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose different user roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs to do their job. Every user of BlueCamroo is assigned a User-Role, or multiple User-Roles, which are associated with hand-picked feature sets and corresponding subscription plan(s):

  • CRM (Base-Foundation of BlueCamroo) - Free for up to 2 Users
  • Sales (Extension)
  • Projects (Extension)
  • Support (Extension)
  • Complete (Includes CRM and All Extensions)

A business can start by implementing CRM first and, when ready, add more users adopting more-advanced extensions, while still retaining CRM features. That is due to fact that any Extension retains CRM functionality, but does not count toward CRM users. In fact, all BlueCamroo users in the business will always have access to CRM features.

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