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The Business Software That Simplifies Work.

  • That unifies your CRM, Projects and Support into one system
  • That helps you oversee your client's entire lifecycle
  • That streamlines your business and automates your processes
  • That lets you pay for only the features you need
  • That gives you control over your business like never before
  • That brings efficiency and transparency to your business
Modern Tools For a Modern Business

Powerful Intuitive Secure Affordable

Free CRM Software

The base-foundation for the entire BlueCamroo platform; tracks your customer’s entire journey, from the first touchpoint, through your deals, into upselling opportunities, and much more. CRM Free is free for up to 4 users (no strings attached) and included in all of BlueCamroo’s paid extensions.

Sales & Marketing

Turbo-charge the extensive capabilities of CRM Free - get access to Marketing Automation, Invoicing, Time Tracking, Social Monitoring, and much, much more. See how you can work with your prospects and customers even smarter and more efficiently and boost your sales in the process.


Arm your business with one of the most powerful, versatile, and easy to use project-management toolboxes on the market; seamlessly integrated with the other BlueCamroo extensions, it makes running projects and cross-functional collaboration as smooth as ever.


Keep your customers happy with a better service at a lower servicing cost to you. Give customers a chance to communicate with you anyway they want, easily document interactions and tasks, enable user-friendly self-service, build and leverage your team’s knowledge base


In a smaller or medium business, many employees often wear more than one hat. BlueCamroo Complete is a cost saving alternative for users who operate across business functions and therefore need the entire Business Management Software. It also benefits top-level executives that want to keep an eye on everything. It includes all BlueCamroo’s building blocks (free and paid-for), and can be subscribed at the greater discount than all individual pieces. See how it can work for you.

Save money and unify your business! Stop paying for multiple single-purpose applications and adopt a fully integrated business management software, one extension at a time.

Take advantage of BlueCamroo’s unique User-Role subscription model to mix and match functionality for each user and pay only for the features they need.