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$ 41

per User/Month

billed annually or $49 month-to-month

includes 5GB Storage
and Full Functionality

All prices are in US Dollars and subject to GST/HST for subscribers in Canada.

About Contacts

BlueCamroo makes it easy to store information about all the organizations and people you do business with, whether customers, suppliers, or just general contacts. There's no limit to the number of contacts you can store.

About Opportunities

Opportunities (also called "Deals" in some CRM systems) enable you to keep track of progress on potential sales. In BlueCamroo, Opportunities can be converted directly to Projects or Sales Orders.

About Projects

Projects you and your team (and any External Users you invite) work together, whether for a customer or just internally in your own organization. BlueCamroo Projects also include a variety of automation and tracking features to save you time and you deliver.

About Cases

Cases your Customer Service team track and resolve customer problems or issues. You can also use BlueCamroo cases to create a simple "support ticketing" system.

About Disk Space

All the files, notes, emails etc that you store in BlueCamroo count towards your allowance of Disk Space. Our Disk Space allowances are more than enough for the vast majority of companies, but if you need more then you can purchase additional disk space at $5 per GB per month.

About Workflow Rules

BlueCamroo enables you to set up triggered actions within the system to automate key processes. These include sending an email, creating a task for a System User, or updating the value of a record. Workflow Rules are a great time-saver in your business.

About Time Tracking

Every BlueCamroo System User has an individual Timesheet, allowing both billable and non-billable time to be recorded, tracked and reported. BlueCamroo also includes handy Task Timers, and even tools to quickly generate client bills directly from your team's timesheets.

About Expenses Management

Expenses Management provides a convenient way for team members to record their reimbursable business expenses, and to submit their expense claims for approval. Expense claims can be automatically routed for approval by the relevant manager.

BlueCamroo Expenses Management supports standard expense items with or without itemized sales tax, and also mileage recording with per-mile (or kilometer) reimbursement rates.

About Invoicing

BlueCamroo enables you to create and send Invoices directly from client Projects or Sales Orders. You can also set up automatic Reminders for overdue invoices, and create automated renewal invoices. If you use Quickbooks, invoices can be automatically transferred into your accounting system.

About Payments

BlueCamroo lets you add your Paypal or Moneris payment processing details so that Customers can pay your BlueCamroo-generated invoices online. All online payments will automatically update your BlueCamroo workspace, and synchronize to Quickbooks if you are using the Quickbooks integration option.

About Enhanced Security

Each session, for every BlueCamroo user is encrypted via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 and uses security certificates from Verisign to ensure that all of our users have a secure connection just as what you would receive from using Online Banking.

About System Users

System Users have full access to all BlueCamroo features (subject to Permission Settings that you define.) Usually, your own staff will need to be System Users.

About External Users

You can invite External Users to your BlueCamroo workspace to collaborate on Projects. You may choose to invite customers and/or suppliers to be External Users.

About Email Marketing

Your BlueCamroo workspace integrates a powerful Email Marketing Engine that supports immediate, triggered and scheduled multi-drop email campaigns.

You may send unlimited bulk emails via your own SMTP server at no additional charge. Alternatively, you may use BlueCamroo's bulk email server, which is subject to additional charges on a per-email-sent basis.

Please click the BlueCamroo Add-ons link at the bottom of this page for further details.

About the Social Scout

BlueCamroo's Social Scout module captures Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates into one unified feed that integrates directly into your CRM data. It cuts through the noise to stream relevant updates into three channels that enable you to: Search for Sales Opportunities; Listen to the Network Buzz; and Support your Clients.