BlueCamroo, What Does it Mean to Your Business?

There is plethora of single purpose business software applications and just a few fully integrated business software solutions available to small and medium sized businesses globally. But, that suggests two distinct paths that SMBs can adopt for their businesses.

The most common, and the least efficient one, is to utilize and to subscribe to as many single-purpose applications as are essential to a business combining multiple stand-alone solutions with separate subscription arrangements and disconnected data sources in the process.

The other way, which is rapidly gaining acceptance, is to adopt the more efficient and transparent way for your business by selecting a vendor that offers an integrated solution replacing a number of single-purpose applications (not necessarily all) resulting in information transparency throughout the business, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. BlueCamroo is the latter!

The 4 Main Benefits of BlueCamroo

  1. By combining multiple applications into one your teams will always have up-to-date information as there will only be one database that is updated when any part of your business affects it.

    With independent features that have been architected to work as part of a fully-integrated system, your information can flow through all of our extensions seamlessly. All your information is kept within one database that is accessible via CRM, Sales & Marketing, Projects, or Support. Click picture to expand.

  2. BlueCamroo's User-Role Based Subscription Model allows you to make sure your bill does not bloat.

    BlueCamroo permits you to have different User-Roles in your workspace (even permitting multiple roles per user) which ensures that you are only paying for the features each user needs. That way your company will instantly save money while retaining functionality of multiple software in one platform. Click picture to expand.

  3. With BlueCamroo you can manage your entire Client Lifecycle.

    From when they’re a lead with CRM, to using Sales & Marketing to convert them in to a client, to delivering a project to that client and making sure they are being taken care of with Support. But, it all starts with CRM. Click picture to expand.

  4. Keep track of people as they work for multiple companies, move jobs, and build new relationships without losing pertinent data.

    If you've worked with a CRM system in the past, you've probably got used to having your data organized something like the chart on the right. Click picture to expand.

    This is great, at least until one of your contacts leaves the ‘Account’ they’re connected to and moves to a different company, or even starts working at two Accounts at the same time. And what about the customer who doesn’t have a company to ‘belong’ to because he or she is just an individual consumer?

    The workplace is becoming more flexible. People’s work relationships are no longer simple, and the simple structures of traditional CRM systems can’t keep up with the way we work today.

    BlueCamroo's patent-pending CRM approach and architecture is built for the real world in the 21st Century - a world where people move from job to job, or freelance with several organizations at the same time, or sometimes buy from you on their own behalf - not on behalf of a company.

    In BlueCamroo you're not tied to ‘Account’ and ‘Contacts’. Instead, you work with People and “Organizations”, like the chart on the right. Click picture to expand.

    In BlueCamroo, Organizations and People can be Customers or Suppliers. Or both. (Or neither!) A person can work for one of your suppliers, and also be a personal customer. A freelancer might work for two or three of your customers, and maybe even work for you as well.

    BlueCamroo enables you to reflect all these roles and relationships, and properly associate your interactions with each person to the correct context — so information is visible for all a person’s roles, but never confused. 

    Simply, by mirroring the real world, BlueCamroo provides Smarter CRM, that you and your team can use to share information about key contacts as they really are, not confined to a narrow concept of Accounts and Contacts that stopped making sense last century.

    We live in the 21st Century. Your CRM should too!

Let's Dig Deeper!

Explore the Main Benefits of BlueCamroo

How Does My Business Benefit From BlueCamroo?

There are number of distinct advantages that set BlueCamroo from other fully integrated solutions. These are:

  1. Your relationships with clients (People and Companies) will be well-organized with our unique, Patent Pending system/business logic architecture, designed for reality in the 21st Century.

  2. All the information in your workspace will be better structured and easier to find because BlueCamroo was architected and built as All-in-One fully integrated Business Software, rather than delivering separately and ‘bolted’ together independent modules.

  3. You will save subscription cost due to BlueCamroo’s SaaS industry first User-Role based subscription model which allows businesses to subscribe and pay for only for the features users require to do their jobs more efficiently.

  4. BlueCamroo’s unique Business Model focused on delivering a powerful yet flexible Customer Centric Business SaaS solution to SMBs globally.

  5. With BlueCamroo you will be able to manage the entire customer lifecycle as you follow a natural growth path. Everything begins with a free CRM as a base-foundation, and you can grow into Sales & Marketing, Projects and Support as needed.

In nutshell, BlueCamroo is a unique fully-integrated Business Management Software built for small-and-medium businesses.

Rather than focusing on a one specific feature, BlueCamroo has been architected from the ground up with the needs of the whole business in mind, somewhat like an ‘ERP for SMBs’ from a macro perspective.

What Do Our Competitors Do?

All our direct competitors in this ‘space’ focus either on:

  • Tier pricing, by creating an ever increasing pricing levels sync directly to complexity of a feature, or

  • Implementing a modular approach where modules are typically not really properly integrated with each other and businesses are forced to pay a full price for the feature, or

  • Restricting an offer to a one option inclusive of all features for a single price, and indiscriminately imposing on businesses paying a full price for all features per user, regardless of the fact that not all users might even be interested in using all these features,

What Makes BlueCamroo Different?

BlueCamroo is a distinctive solution that is capable enough to power your entire business yet, flexible enough to allow you to choose and pay for only the features that your employees actually need to fulfill their job requirements. This is possible with our unique and innovative User-Role based subscription model.

This flexibility is achieved not just by choosing independent, commonly quite disconnected modules or a ‘bundle’ of single-purpose solutions which, if combined, ‘scream’ with lack of transparency to business' senior management team.

BlueCamroo was built from the ground up as an integrated solution, so there are none of the compromises you’ll see in applications that have been bolted together as special-price ‘bundles’ after initially being designed separately.

What also sets us apart is that fact that we fully recognize that the one thing all businesses have in common is that they have clients and they all want to do a better job of serving them.

That means a CRM is an invaluable asset to any business, and the reason we decided to make it the base-foundation for our entire platform. We also made it Free for 4 users! Always!

A business can start by implementing CRM first for up to 4 users for free and, when ready, add more users adopting paid extensions, and still retaining 4 free CRM User-Roles. That is due to fact that any paid User-Role retains CRM functionality, but does not count toward CRM free user limit. In fact, all BlueCamroo users in the business will always have access to CRM features We also offer the option for additional CRM user roles to be purchased.

How Will Your Business Profit From User-Role Subscription Model?

No matter how your organization is structured, BlueCamroo's flexibility allows you to get more and pay less.

If your organization structure is straight forward you can choose User-Roles individually for each employee. However, if you have employees, like most businesses, that wear ‘multiple hats’, with BlueCamroo 8.0 you can easily mix and match multiple User-Roles to be assigned to an employee, and pay only for the features your business uses, and save cost.

Transform your Business!