Keeping Your Hats on Your Head

by Karl Mamer - Published on 12/9/2009 2:53 PM


As a business owner or an individual working in a small- to medium-sized business (SMBs), how difficult are you finding it to keep all of your many hats atop of your head? By many hats, I mean the many various functions that you perform day in and day out within the business.

It is becoming more and more common for individuals within SMBs to become a "jack of all trades" or at least a jack of a few trades. As companies begin to slim down, the pressure is on for employees to perform duties outside of what they specialize in, and these very employees must try to become as efficient as possible to make up for the jobs that used to be done by a group of people.

This very reaction to market demands and new business strategies that make the most out of the fewest human capital, is what sparked the concept of BlueCamroo.

You see, project managers were no longer project managers, but more so project manager and lead generator. Customer Support would no longer be just Customer Support, but rather Customer Support and Account Manager. Invoicing from projects and accounts could easily be automated and hooked right in to an accounting program, thus saving overall management time of balancing their books. It was the concept of making work easier for individuals that performed many functions, bringing every team together into one system, and making the system flexible enough to control access rights when business teams started to grow.

You can think of BlueCamroo as the strap that fits all of your hats. From the cowboy hat you wear to lasso in your leads all the way to the fireman's hat you wear to deal with your help desk issues. So the next time you feel your hats are about to topple over, be glad that BlueCamroo will be here to help keep them balanced.

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