Bluecamroo Success Guarantee Program

* All prices are in US Dollars
and are subject to GST/HST for
subscribers in Canada.

Qualifying Criteria

Company / Team Profile
  • Either Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C), or a mixture of the two
  • More likely knowledge- / service-based than product-based.
  • Likely to deliver services as ‘projects’ for each customer, with some repeatable processes
  • Likely to rely on collaboration / team-working between personnel
  • May have multiple locations, or be a true ‘virtual business’ with no fixed premises
  • Likely to have between around 6 and 60 team members using the system (but may be more)

Examples include: Designers, Developers, Consultants, Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, Contractors, Event Organizers, Videographers, etc, etc.



  • Within an organization that does not fit this profile – e.g. a manufacturer or retailer – A business unit, team or division that does fit the profile.

Examples include: Sales / Advisory Team for a Financial Adviser; Customer Service Team for a Resort Operator; Engineering Consultancy Team for a Manufacturer; etc.

Culture and Commitment
  • Engaged and committed from the top down throughout the whole organization to implementing successfully
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Open to new ideas and processes
  • Adaptable to change
  • The CEO / Business Owner and all key stakeholders have attended a full online demonstration of BlueCamroo before committing to the process
  • The organization will assign a suitable Executive or Manager as Project Manager to lead its implementation project, coordinate with BlueCamroo, and resolve internal issues and road-blocks
  • The organization can commit to follow the steps of the Implementation Plan agreed with its assigned BlueCamroo 'RooMaster
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