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Release Notes

October 27, 2022 - Version 8.3.10 – Extra Data Objects allowed you to create your own sub-objects that hold data for leads, accounts, contacts, projects, and cases. However, all of that data had to be entered by users. The new Custom Forms enable you to send out save time by sending out these forms to your contacts, automatically capturing their responses in BlueCamroo, you can even use them as surveys.

August 24, 2022 - Version 8.3.9 – Now that the Major Sales Update has been completed, we are moving on to focusing on Projects for the next update phase. However, in the mean time, we identified a few general updates and gathered feedback to put together a quick maintenance update, which adds a couple of new features, and helps the system run smoother for our users.

June 16, 2022 - Version 8.3.8 – As we wrap up BlueCamroo’s major Sales update initiated back in July 2021, we are now introducing a greatly improved version of our Sales Dashboard. Sales is key to any business, and an effective and well-informed sales team is its life force.

A robust Sales Dashboard is an invaluable tool to bring up-to-date sales performance data to salespeople, sales managers, and business owners alike. With a newly devised dashboard, including new graphs and charts, salespeople can easily see where they are relative to their quotas, sales managers can track the performance of their team members, and management can easily oversee the overall sales performance of the entire company.

April 20, 2022 - Version 8.3.7 – As we close in on completion of BlueCamroo’s major Sales update we introduce  Revenue Analysis. Analyze the revenue you can expect from sales, based on invoices that have been added. With it, you can see future expected revenue of the entire company, or what a specific team or a team member has brought in. Revenue analysis can help to plan for the future, and also help to recognize any potential revenue concerns ‘today’ by scrutinizing what sales you can anticipate ‘tomorrow’.

March 30, 2022 - Version 8.3.6 – After adding a new Sales Forecasting feature in our last release, we now have turned our attention to upgrading our Email Campaigns. Email campaigns are an important part of  nurturing customer relationships, marketing, reselling, and more. We also updated some of our other features and added new integrations with two of the most popular Email Marketing software on the market, Mailchimp and Constant Contact. In addition, we also modernized our Company Documents to make them easier to use.

February 14, 2022 - Version 8.3.5 – Building upon the new Sales Pipelines added in the last release, this update adds yet another highly requested feature to BlueCamroo: Sales Forecasting. Exclusive to the Sales & Marketing extension, Sales Forecasting is a powerful tool for any business, enabling Salespeople, Managers, Directors, and Executives to gain insight into potential future sales, allowing them to make better informed sales decisions.

January 20, 2022 - Version 8.3.4 – This is the fourth in a series of updates that are focused mainly to the Sales & Marketing Extension. In this release we introduce Sales Pipelines, a visual representation of your sales process to help your team view the visual progress of your sales Opportunities as they are captured, nurtured and converted. Unlike a Sales Funnel, which is taken from the lead’s point of view, the Sales Pipeline is taken from your team’s point of view, allowing them to see what actions can, and need, to be taken to advance the Opportunity to the next phase.

November 15, 2021 - Version 8.3.3 – This is the third in a series of updates that are focused mainly to the Sales Extension, yet some of the features are made available to other extensions, including CRM Free. Our aim with this release is to make using BlueCamroo more efficient, so Users can simply move on to their next assignment faster and get more done with less clicks. With that in mind we are introducing the Queue and have updated our Slack Integration.

August 24, 2021 - Version 8.3.2 – This is the second in a series of updates that are being added mainly to the Sales Extension, yet some of the features are available for other extensions, including CRM Free. Our focus with this release is to make information inside BlueCamroo even easier to find. We are also introducing an Outlook Add-In that will allow Outlook users to interact with their workspace from inside their Outlook inbox.

July 29, 2021 - Version 8.3.1 – This is the first in a series of updates that will be added to the Sales Extension. Our primary focus is to enhance and add value to this extension, making it an invaluable tool for Salespeople, Marketers, Management and Executives alike. Within these updates, we will be adding new features and integrations and improving existing ones, all with the purpose of providing businesses with key features they need to be connected, collaborative, and more efficient. This first update includes a highly requested *new* feature, Email Sequences.

July 13, 2021 - Version 8.2.1 – Thanks to the great feedback from of our customers we are continuously improving BlueCamroo. Next on our road map is a series of updates to improve current features, but most importantly, adding new, highly anticipated features and integrations. The updates will be released in several phases going through each extension, starting with Sales.

March 4, 2021 - Version 8.2.0 – Thanks to some great feedback from of our customers we have improved the way users can find and sort through all of their data inside BlueCamroo. All of their Views are more customizable, and much easier to adjust. With this update, you will gain quicker and more organized access to any data within every section of BlueCamroo!

February 23, 2021 - Version 8.1.3 – Empower your team by connecting your BlueCamroo workspace with RingCentral. Our brand new integration will allow your team members to make, receive and log their RingCentral calls directly from inside BlueCamroo. You can automatically log the time of the call and make your notes all at the same time. The Integration will also allow you to send SMS messages to your contacts. This integration is available to all BlueCamroo Users.

December,8 2020 - Version 8.1.2 – We’re coming to the end of the year so we wanted to go through all of our feedback from users like you to improve BlueCamroo and make some small changes to make your experience better. This will be our final release of this year, but in 2021 we are looking to add some major updates including a complete revision of Social Scout and creating a Business Intelligence add-on.

November 10, 2020 - Version 8.1.1 – In this maintenance release we are updating our Support Dashboard to give you a better overview of your Support performance at a glace. We are also adding one of the most requested items on our list, in-line editing. You can now quickly edit multiple records from a View. Please let us know what other features you would like to see in BlueCamroo.

October 8, 2020 - Version 8.1.0 – At BlueCamroo, we have been receiving some great feedback from you, and with that feedback we have created some new features, and updated some existing ones as well. In this release, we have improved the way you can analyze your own time, as well as the time for your teams; we have also added a new way to pause your projects; and we have made your data more accessible and easier to manage.

August 25, 2020 - Version 8.0.7 – At BlueCamroo we are working on some major updates and new training material to make onboarding even simpler. We will be releasing new videos over the coming weeks. In the meantime we have made some improvements to our Home Page and Setup to make your account more customizable and easier to navigate.

July 7, 2020 - Version 8.0.6 – A happy customer is the goal of all businesses. To make sure your customers are happy you need to support them to the best way you can. With BlueCamroo Support extension you can easily and efficiently respond to your clients’ issues and concerns while tracking the performance of your Support Team. With our newest release you will give your clients a new way of reaching you, and if you’ve implemented the External User Portal, your clients will have access to your Support Knowledge Base to help themselves.

June 30, 2020 - Version 8.0.5 – This is a maintenance release featuring some highly requested and anticipated features. Get more control over your company’s expenses with all new Expense Budgets, and save users time with updates to the Expense Sheet Approval Process letting you approve or reject expense sheet items on an item-by-item basis. We've also added a brand new Bookmark feature letting you quickly navigate to frequently visited pages and records within BlueCamroo.

June 23, 2020 - Version 8.0.4 – We live in a world where being able to meet remotely has become a necessity for businesses worldwide, for which Zoom has become an integral tool. Video conferencing with your team members, leads and customers is an invaluable asset to your business. While we already integrated with GoToMeeting, the increasing popularity of Zoom made it a must-add integration.

May 28, 2020 - Version 8.0.3 – In the previous release notes we updated the Projects extension, and in this release we wanted to make updates that would be available to all of our extensions. These updates will allow you and your team to communicate more efficiently with your contacts. From making appointment-booking easier to ensuring your contacts receive your emails at proper times.

April 30, 2020 - Version 8.0.2 – Earlier this month we made some updates to features that were available system wide. 8.0.2 is a maintenance release with some adjustments to the Projects Extension with the goal of making your projects more efficient.

April 16, 2020 - Version 8.0.1 – We have had a great response to BlueCamroo 8.0, we really appreciate all the feedback you have sent us. And to address that feedback we have been working to enhance BlueCamroo to look and work even better. 8.0.1 is a maintenance release with some adjustments to the new UI, and upgrades to some of our most popular features.

January 2020 - Version 8.0.0 – Over the past year we have been working on a brand new version of BlueCamroo that not only includes a new sleek User Interface with increased user-friendliness, but also a brand new pricing model that gives our subscribers the flexibility to only pay for the features each user needs.

July 2019 - Version 7.1.5 – This release adds a new way to the create tasks in BlueCamroo,  making it even easier and giving you more flexibility. The Sales Dashboard added two new graphs to give you a better idea of how your sales team is performing.

March 2019 - Version 7.1.4 – This release is a maintenance release, we have made small updates throughout the backend of BlueCamroo that will mostly go unnoticed but will help BlueCamroo to run smoother and to improve security. We have made a couple of notable adjustments in Calendar Events. Users will now be able to take attendance and easily send follow up notes with attachments, as well as a reorganization of how event details are laid out.

February 2019 - Version 7.1.3 – This release adds three new partners to our integration list, GoToMeeting, OneDrive and ShareFile. GoToMeeting is the most popular meeting software in the world and BlueCamroo users can now create meetings directly in their workspaces and attach them to Events. OneDrive or ShareFile users can now save and access their files in BlueCamroo from a shared Business Account or connect to their Personal accounts.

October 2018 - Version 7.1.2 – This release adds a new partner to our integration list, Slack. Slack is a collaboration tool that allows teams to chat on specific topics, projects, leads etc. Our integration will allow users of Slack to connect to our powerful CRM and Workflow Automation Engine. Speaking of our Workflow Automation Engine we are adding new Email Workflow Rules that can enhance your automation.

August 2018 - Version 7.1.1 – This release is an extension of the Business Management updates from Version 7.1.0. We have given you added tools to help keep an eye on profits, expanded our dashboards, created a new search function that finds updates faster, and a new Field Type for Extra Fields. .

July 2018 - Version 7.1.0 – Our previous release was our New User Interface. In it we focused on making BlueCamroo a more intuitive platform to use. In this release we focused on Sales Dashboards, making BlueCamroo not only more powerful for Sales Teams giving a centralized point of information.

May 2018 - Version 7.0.0 – Over the past few years we have made many releases that are concentrated on the addition or upgrade of functionalities. In this release we wanted to bring in a long-overdue User Interface update. We wanted the new UI to focus on individual user customization, so you can make your BlueCamroo Workspace truly your own. We’ve also added new features to make BlueCamroo more convenient.

May 2018 - Version 6.3.0 – One of the most important tools in a Project Managers toolbox is a Project Scheduling & Planning tool. BlueCamroo offers users this functionality in a few different forms: The Timeline, Visual WorkBench, and Stage views. In this release, we wanted to improve the Timeline and Visual WorkBench to make it easier for Project Managers to have a clearer view of their entire project. This will help them in all phases of managing their projects from Planning, to Execution and Monitoring, as well as managing change.

April 2018 – We are happy to announce that last week we completed the migration of BlueCamroo from a major data center in Toronto, Canada into Microsoft Azure cloud. This move brings benefits BlueCamroo in many ways, including: increased performance and user experience, improved disaster recovery capabilities, and enhanced security.

January 2018 - Version 6.2.0 – We are officially launching the BlueCamroo Website Development Platform (WDP), a modern world class system that will help you build and manage websites for your company or your clients. In addition, a direct connection of WDP with BlueCamroo Projects enables coordinated and efficient web projects delivery. All of this is included in your subscription.

December 2017 - Version 6.1.0 – We've been busy adding new functionality to existing features based on your feedback. These are Quality-of-Life improvements, meant to make your workflow that much easier. In this release, you'll find improvements to just about all areas of BlueCamroo. Nearly all of these were developed based on user feedback.

May 2017 - Version 6.0.0 – The goal of this release was to prepare BlueCamroo for future updates, by updating internal System Architecture to support the future 'Workspace Collaboration Bridge'. We've also updated BlueCamroo's UI, making it look more modern and sharp. Lastly, we've overhauled Snapshots so that they are a better representation of what they were intended to be when originally developed - a true summary of your records.

February 2017 - Version 5.7.0 – This release adds the all-new Resource Management functionality to BlueCamroo which gives Managers (or any other User given proper Permissions) the key details and ability to better manage their Teams most valuable resource, their Time.

October 2016 - Version 5.6.0 – This release adds Estimate and Budget functionality to BlueCamroo. Making it easy to see what a potential Project could cost internally with Estimates, and comparing and tracking actual Project Costs with Budgeted Project Costs with Budgets.

July 2016 - Version 5.5.3 – This release adds Web-to-Opportunities, Task Reminders for the Update Stream, a new extra field type for URLs, new placeholders for Time Billing in Invoices, and more.

June 2016 – This Version 5.5.2 release is all about choice and Sales Quotes. Significant improvements have been made to Sales Quote functionality aimed at giving you and your Customers more options and flexibility.

October 2015 – Introduction of Task Checklists, Followup Tasks, Cases SLA Performance Analytics, enhancements to viewing team member calendars, and ability to edit Status Updates. Workflow rules are made more powerful with a number of changes, and much more.

April 2015 – This Version 5.5.0 release sees a complete revision of BlueCamroo’s External Users Portal, as well as small enhancements to streamline Project Management and increase flexibility in handling Cases.

March 2015 – New features to improve projects and financial management include new Project Amendment Requests, Pre-paid Items and Timesheet Approvals. As well, processing payments receive is streamlined, and there are multiple other small enhancements.

January 2015 – A second release this month brings streamlined workflows for billing time and invoicing; greater control over stage billing; home page customization; and numerous other enhancements to the user experience in BlueCamroo.

January 2015 – Significant improvements to email handling, increasing integration with Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Exchange email services, as well as generic IMAP-based mail services.

May 2014 – Can you better support your customers and save hours of work for your Support Agents at the same time? The BlueCamroo Support Knowledge Base gives your agents a place to store, categorize, and quickly locate answers to commonly asked support questions. 

April 2014 – BlueCamroo's new Visual WorkBench for Projects headlines a slew of Project Management improvements, while other enhancements focus on Support Cases and Workflow Rules.

March 2014 – Improved Update Streams, Call Logging and Task Progress pages offer benefits for all users, while digital marketing teams can benefit from BlueCamroo's latest new integration - this time with HubSpot.

January 2014 – Deeper integration with Google Apps sees the launch of BlueCamroo's Google Gadget, enabling Google Apps for Business users to view and update BlueCamroo data and link emails from right inside Gmail. Other updates include new Product and Service Bundles, and enhancements to email handling, quicksearch, and more.

December 2013 – Our first update since Version 5.0. Changes include integrations with new accounting packages and third party file hosting services, opportunity importing, new reporting criteria, and the BlueCamroo Explorer knowledge center.

August 2013 – What's new in the all new BlueCamroo?

February 2013 – A new dashboard design pulls together information about Leads and Sales, Projects, Invoicing and Payments, and Cases.

January 2013 – This release we've made a large number of improvements. There are no major re-workings of the interface. However, there are a few items you should review as it might affect the look of the notifications BlueCamroo sends out.

November 2012 – We've made a few changes to the Explorer bar and Update Stream. The Explorer bar now allows you to setup default views and default pop-out behaviors. Commenting and managing the Update Stream has been refined. Also we've made our Web-to-Lead form more spam resistant.

September 2012 – Our September release represents an interface fine tuning, including an always visible Explorer bar and a more visual setup approach to project templates and workflow rules.

June 2012 – Migration scripts and update processes released to migrate existing BlueCamroo users to the new version.  Key changes are moving Notes into Updates, and re-associating any data previously associated to 'Contacts'.

May 2012 – "NewCamroo" is live!  Our all-new version features an innovative and patent-pending CRM concept and architecture, together new Update Streams to improve team collaboration, and an all-new interface.  Initially releasing to new customers, migration for existing BlueCamroo users is slated to start in June 2012.

March 2012 – BlueCamroo files 2 Patents at US Patent Office, opening the door for the release of our next major version upgrade, being referred to internally as "NewCamroo".  These patents cover our innovative new CRM concept and architecture, that breaks out of the "Account - Contact" straightjacket of traditional CRM systems, plus a neat twist on team collaboration.

December 2011 – First release of the full BlueCamroo API. This RESTful / JSON API exposes ALL BlueCamroo system functions, enabling developers to integrate any third-part or in-house systems.

November 2011 – Invoicing has been expanded to include the ability to generate a renewal notice/pro forma invoice. Other key changes to invoicing include accounting for multiple payment types, handling a cumulative tax, adding customized line items to invoices, and sending invoices automatically.

August 2011 – This month's BlueCamroo update concentrates on bringing greater control and oversight when BlueCamroo is being used by multiple users. The most noticeable change is the Snapshot page, which can be the default landing page when you open any record (a lead, account, etc.). Additionally, we've added a new option to Social Network Scout called Mentions.

June 2011 – Completely new are Timers and the Mass Update feature, while changes to enable email-based Support Ticketing from the Cases area adapt an existing feature to a whole new way of working. Group Tasks enables assignment of tasks to workgroups rather than individuals, and amongst User Interface enhancements we have updated Calendar views, an improved Project Stages view, and an all-new Project Timeline.

May 2011 - We've added the ability to manage Facebook pages. As well, we've changed the channel search interface. Other updates include scheduling events while logging a call and message sorting. If you integrate BlueCamroo with Quickbooks, consult the release notes for an important setup modification.

Apr 2011 - This release kicks-off some integration issues we'll be tackling in the coming months. First off is integrating BlueCamroo's multi-function calendar with Google Calendar and Outlook (via Exchange Server). We've also modified Social Network Scout's feed display selection slightly. And we've added some more help for first time users.

Apr 2011 - BlueCamroo's second April release in a series of mini-releases for the month that focus on ease of adoption issues and other detail improvements. In this release, we're making it easier to administer your account on the BlueCamroo intranet site. As well, we're making it easier to work with your templates. We've added a basic setup for your general email template and a new template place holder so you can upload your company logo only once and reuse it.

Apr 2011 - BlueCamroo's first April release in a series of mini-releases for the month that focus on ease of adoption issues and other detail improvements. In this release, we're streamlining the Social Network Scout, and deploying two setup wizards for first time users. These wizards will make it easier for users and system administrators to get their accounts up and running.

March 2011 - BlueCamroo's March release brings you some valuable new features and a number of small enhancements to existing functions. Key additions are Extra Data Objects (which allow you to create custom databases); a new approach to capturing data using Social Network Scout; the ability to generate sales quotes straight from Opportunities; and semi-automated posting of billable time for invoicing.

February 2011 - February's update features a lot of work "under the hood" to streamline processes and to be ready for the arrival of Internet Explorer 9. But we've also been able to make time to squeeze in a host of small (and some not-so-small) improvements requested by our users.

December 2010 - December's update offers a variety of general improvements. We've made several changes to Social Network Scout, both on the front end and in Setup. The changes include Facebook support and improved filtering that help reduce "false positive" returns.

November 2010 - November's update two changes of greater significance are 1) improvement in Campaign Manager 2) the addition of a customer requested Opportunity Sales Pipeline pre-defined report. Another addition of note is the ability to create autoscheduling relationships between stages and tasks in a project template.

October 2010 - October we released BlueCamroo with the Social Network Scout feature. Social Network Scout integrates BlueCamroo with your personal and corporate social networking sites.

September 2010 - September we released a number of small improvements, notably changes to Web-to-Lead form generation, Workflow Rules, and a new start/stop/resume timer icon on the Log a Call dialog box.

August 2010 - August introduced the all new Expense Management functionality into BlueCamroo. Now with BlueCamroo, your employees can submit expense sheets to be approved and marked as paid.

June 2010 - June's release provided some help along the way when creating your reports by displaying on screen tips, allowing to categorize your reports, as well as graphical thumbnails for chart types to show you what your report could look like. We also added in new Dashboards so that you can quickly take your created reports and add them to your Dashboards section for quick reference.

May 2010 - Our big May release included our powerful Email Marketing tool that integrates with all areas of the BlueCamroo system to help you improve your Lead follow-up and keep in touch with Accounts. May also introduced a revised user interface for better usability, stunning charting options for reports and expanded Search functionality to help you narrow your searches even more than before.

April 2010 - Improving collaboration. In April we released our complete collaboration pack which introduced changes in how users would work with tasks and message other users, introduced To dos and To Do lists and a whole lot more.

March 2010 - Improved personalization. Interactivity and work schedule can now be defined per user.

January/February 2010 - A round-up of small improvements we've made in January and February.