Accelerator Packages

Quickstart Sherpa

Price: $1,800

Suitable for organizations that wish to mainly do their own setup, but who would like some guidance, training and ‘hands-on’ assistance to support them through the process.

With the Quickstart Sherpa package, your dedicated 'RooMaster guides you through the setup process, and provides training and support to help you quickly master all BlueCamroo’s capabilities.

The Quickstart Sherpa package includes the following:

  • Online consultation to review your business processes and requirements, and establish how you will manage your business within BlueCamroo (1 hr)
  • Detailed System Familiarization and Training for your chosen System Manager + 1 other team member (1 hr – Online)
  • Follow-up ‘Deep Dive’ System Training for your System Manager + 1 other team member, with particular focus on features and functions required to achieve the defined implementation approach (1 hr – Online)
  • 4 x 30 min Checkpoint Meetings for your System Manager – usually taken 1 each week in the first 4 weeks of implementation / roll-out.
  • 4 Flex Units, enabling you to choose additional setup assistance from our full range of Flex Services (Flex Units must be used within 6 months.)
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