Boost your Sales with the Sales & Marketing Extension

A CRM software is an essential utility for any company dealing with customers. So, pretty much every company!

Every business needs to be able to keep track of their customers and opportunities related to them and actively seek new clients and new opportunities. That is why decision makers in every business need the ability to get an unrestricted access to the information they need to make best business decisions depending on where they are in their buying cycle.

This is where BlueCamroo Sales & Marketing extension comes in. Built to work with our CRM Free foundation, it gives you the tools your company need to streamline its sales process. From creating landing pages easily populated with Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Opportunity forms that feed entered information directly into BlueCamroo and trigger actions utilizing a Workflow Automation Engine, or having those new leads join email marketing drip campaigns to automatically send an appropriate/requested information to them, to automatically scheduling a follow up call with someone on your sales team. BlueCamroo enables you to create the automation your company needs to nurture your leads into customers, and your current clients into repeat customers.

Time Tracking - Bill Your Clients Accurately

Time Tracking Feature

BlueCamroo makes Time Tracking a snap, whether it’s to accurately track how many billable hours to charge a client or if you want to understand how your team is spending their time at work. Whenever you update or close a task, you can note the time spent on it and whether it’s billable. 

  • Track your billable time down to the second  
  • Have multiple timers to change between tasks easily 
  • Create time sheets and send them for approval 
  • Run reports to analyze your costs and see where you can improve performance 
  • Use Billing Grades easily track your internal costs 

Sales Dashboard - Give Your Salespeople an Edge

Every business is powered by sales, there’s no way around that. A sales dashboard gives your sales team one place where they can oversee their most recent leads, opportunities, sales quotes, and their latest tasks. Sales managers can track an individual salesperson’s performance or see how their team is performing as a whole.

  • See your assigned leads, opportunities, sales quotes, and tasks in one place
  • Track sales against quota by month, quarter or year
  • Submit your expense reports for approval directly from the dashboard
  • Separate dashboard for sales managers to evaluate the performance and activities of an individual salesperson or an entire sales team
  • Set goals, quotas and bonuses for each team member
Sales Dashboard Snapshot

Invoicing - Automate Your Invoicing Processes

Invoicing software

Invoices that have not been sent and invoices that have not been paid are a persistent problem for many businesses. With so much attention directed elsewhere, businesses often neglect getting their bills paid until it becomes something very noticeable.

  • Easily generate standard and recurring invoices and bill your clients
  • Create invoice reminder schedules to ensure you get paid
  • Get paid quicker by proving clients with an online payment portal utilizing one of many Payment Gateways
  • Keep track of any client who’s late on payments
  • Create manageable business workflows for your invoicing process
  • Give Your Invoices a professional look with unlimited invoice templates

Website Builder - Attract New Leads Through Your Websites and Landing Pages

You need to give clients a way to learn about your business and a website or landing page is the easiest way in today’s world. BlueCamroo’s included Website Development Platform (WDP) allows you to easily build websites, eCommerce stores and landing pages.

  • Run unlimited marketing campaigns on standard websites, ecommerce stores or landing pages
  • Add any of our modules to your website at no additional cost
  • Customize your websites with external or third-party templates
  • Keep your costs low with our affordable hosting plans
Website Development Platform

Workflow Automation - Don’t Miss a Thing and Create More Time for Your Team

Project Management Snapshot

If you’ve done something more than once, you’ve done it enough, that's our philosophy at BlueCamroo. That’s why we have made it easy for you to free up time by automating many of the things that you can do with our software.

  • Streamline your business processes
  • Automate task assignment tasks to the right team member
  • Give your team more time to nurture their leads
  • Eliminate unnecessary duplication within your data 
  • Don't let valuable leads slip through the cracks
  • Automate tasks, emails, notifications or invoices

Social Scout - Find New Leads and Track Trends on Social Media

Online Social Networks are an ocean of potential leads, but also a big drain on your time if you don't have the right tools. BlueCamroo helps you to search for sales opportunities, listen to the network buzz, and support clients easily and efficiently.

  • Create detailed searches to find people who are looking exactly for what you offer
  • Find and add leads to your CRM seamlessly from Twitter
  • Support clients and listen to the buzz around your industryFind trends and get ahead of them 
Project Management Snapshot

Web-to-Lead & Web-to-Opportunity Forms - Bring leads directly into your CRM

Web-to-Lead Form

Sales & Marketing enables you to create unlimited Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Opportunity forms to place on your website, blogs, and any other online properties. When a visitor completes your web form, their details are automatically entered into BlueCamroo as a lead.

  • Automatically add leads into your CRM
  • Trigger automation to start your sales processes
  • Create different forms to test strategy
  • Assign tasks quicker to cut down your response time 

Email Sequences - Send a timed series of emails to nurture your Leads & Customers

Email Sequences can be used for selling, lead nurturing, onboarding, and more. Ultimately, the goal is to improve engagement with your leads and customers to build better relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and sell more.

Create several email 'Steps', which can be scheduled with time delays and which can be automatically stopped when a key action is taken by the recipient, such as responding to the email, clicking a link, or scheduling an appointment.

  • Define different series of emails for Leads or Customers
  • Design and write effective email templates with placeholders
  • Send the Sequences to qualified contacts
  • Define key actions that signify the recipient has converted and can be removed from the Sequence
Project Management Snapshot

More Advanced Features to compliment CRM Free - Unlock even more potential in BlueCamroo

Project Management Snapshot

CRM Free serves as s a ‘base-foundation’ for all BlueCamroo, but when you subscribe to the Sales & Marketing extension you unlock even more high value features such as:

  • More integrations (Slack, GoToMeeting, Payment Processors, etc...)
  • Estimates to calculate internal costs of an opportunity
  • Products & Services lists and multiple Price Books
  • Multiple sales quotes per opportunity
  • Use of your own SMTP server for unlimited email marketing
  • Workspace customization
  • Unlimited Extra Fields and Data Base Objects

Pay Only for The Feature Each User Needs - BlueCamroo's User-Role Model Explained

BlueCamroo is offered through a unique, industry-first User-Role subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose different user roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs to do their job. Every user of BlueCamroo is assigned a User-Role, or multiple User-Roles, which are associated with hand-picked feature sets and corresponding subscription plan(s):

  • CRM Free (Base-Foundation of BlueCamroo)
  • Sales & Marketing (Paid Extension)
  • Projects (Paid Extension)
  • Support (Paid Extension)
  • Complete (Includes CRM Free and All Paid Extensions)

A business can start by implementing CRM Free first and, when ready, add more users adopting paid extensions, and still retaining 4 CRM Free User-Roles. That is due to fact that any paid User-Role retains CRM Free functionality, but does not count toward CRM Free user limit. In fact, all BlueCamroo users in the business will always have access to CRM Free features.

Boost Your Sales and Automate Your Marketing!