Bluecamroo Success Guarantee Program

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Program Cost

Depending upon you specific requirements, additional services may be added to the Guaranteed Success Program, which will vary the cost. Please note that we do not undertake custom development services (e.g. API Integrations) as part of the Guaranteed Success Program, but these may be purchased in parallel. Additionally, we require 6 months’ BlueCamroo subscriptions at your selected plan-size to be paid up-front.

What's Included

BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program — Up to 10 Users Price

Get the help you need to assure your implementation success, backed by a full-refund guarantee!

With the BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program, we help you every step of the way, and give you the confidence of a 100% refund guarantee.

The BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program includes the following:

  • Online consultation to review your business processes and requirements, and establish how you will manage your business within BlueCamroo (2 x 1 hr)
  • System Design — following your initial consultation, your 'RooMaster will provide a System Design Document, detailing the system settings and other preparation required to configure BlueCamroo for your business.
  • System Setup Plan — your 'RooMaster will provide a detailed checkList and project plan for all required technical, data-loading and configuration activities to successfully implement BlueCamroo within your business.
  • Change Management Plan — your 'RooMaster will provide a Change Management Plan, setting out communications, actions and methods to help users overcome obstacles to change.
  • Review Meeting — your 'RooMaster will meet with you online to review the System Design Document and System Setup Plan and Change Management Plan, answer any questions and agree necessary changes. (1 hr)
  • System Training for your chosen System Manager + 1 other team member (3 x 1 hr – Online)
  • Included Flex Services, to configure your system and import base Contact Information
    • Basic System Setup (2 Flex Units)
    • Extra Data Setup (1 Flex Unit)
    • Data Appraisal (2 Flex Units)
    • Contact Data Import (4 Flex Units)
  • Group Training for all system users (1 hr – Online)
  • Group Refresher Training / Q&A for all system users (1 hr – Online)
  • 4 x 1 hr Project Review Meetings with your System Manager and designated Project Manager – usually taken 1 each week in the first 4 weeks of implementation / roll-out.
  • 10 Flex Units, enabling you to choose additional setup assistance, data, training and other services from our full range of Flex Services (Flex Units must be used within 6 months.)
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(plus 1st 6 months' BlueCamroo charges payable at outset)
BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program — Additional Users
(per 5 Users, over 10 initial)

Additional Data Import Services and Training for larger teams

Larger teams typically have more ‘legacy’ data to import. Additionally, by providing additional training sessions it is easier to schedule participants, and to allow everyone time to ask questions.

  • Contact Data Import – 2 Additional Flex Units
  • Additional Group Training (1 hr – Online)
3 Flex Units
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