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Having to wear more than one hat is commonplace in many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), especially for business owners.

BlueCamroo Complete, combines all of the extensions into one single solution where users can use Sales to strengthen relationships with their clients, nurture their leads and automate their sales process. They can use Project Management to efficiently deliver projects to their clients, and use Support Ticketing to keep their clients happy.

BlueCamroo Complete is a cost saving alternative for SMBs that are faced with choosing between over-complicated and expensive corporate level solutions, or combining multiple stand-alone business software solutions with separate subscription arrangements and disconnected data sources.

BlueCamroo Complete is a well-integrated and feature-rich business solution allowing for seamless integrations with customers and offers harmonious collaboration between internal departments such as: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Delivery, Technical Support, and the Executive Team. It offers built-in integration, better security, and greater efficiency, and it is significantly more affordable than stand-alone alternatives, while dramatically reducing the learning curve and simplifying adoption.

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BlueCamroo Complete Benefits

BlueCamroo Complete has been designed to make work easier. Discover some of the benefits of adopting BlueCamroo Complete into your business:

  • Simplify work for users who ‘wear many hats’. They don’t need to learn and juggle multiple systems to get their work done when using BlueCamroo Complete. They only need to learn one interface, use one system login, and can easily work on finding and nurturing leads, selling, advancing projects, providing customer support, and more from a single platform, saving time, money, and resources.
  • Improve collaboration across the entire business. Teams from multiple business areas can collaborate and work smarter, helping them to proactively improve the customer experience at every step along the customer journey. BlueCamroo Complete makes it easy to have everyone on the same page and able to access the information they need quickly.
  • Consolidate data from different departments into one single centralized platform which benefits the company as a whole, making it easier to collect and find information from across different business departments. This includes detailed customer information which would be hard to accomplish well using multiple best-of-breed solutions.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and sell more with easy access to all interactions, from initial contact, selling, conversions, project delivery, to supporting them throughout their customer lifecycle.
  • Give management a clearer view of the entire business. One system and database makes it easy to see the progress and status of the entire workplace. This also makes it easy to generate detailed reports on anything in the system.
  • Get detailed time tracking. For companies in which accurate time tracking is of the utmost importance, BlueCamroo Complete allows users to track billable and non-billable time accurately and submit their timesheets encompassing any work they’ve done, regardless of business department. Billing customers or tracking project budgets becomes a breeze when using billing grades.
  • Save money spent on multiple subscriptions by replacing them with a single all-in-one platform.

Pay Only for The Feature Each User Needs - BlueCamroo's Flexible Model Explained

BlueCamroo is offered through a unique, industry-first flexible subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose different user roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs to do their job. Every user of BlueCamroo is assigned a User-Role, or multiple User-Roles, which are associated with hand-picked feature sets and corresponding subscription plan(s):

  • CRM (Base-Foundation of BlueCamroo)
  • Sales (Extension)
  • Projects (Extension)
  • Support (Extension)
  • Complete (Includes CRM and All Extensions)

A business can start by implementing CRM first and, when ready, add more users adopting more-advanced extensions, while still retaining CRM features. That is due to fact that any Extension retains CRM functionality, but does not count toward CRM users. In fact, all BlueCamroo users in the business will always have access to CRM features.

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