Flex Services

Accounting Setup

Service Flex Units

Setup for Multiple Currencies / Sales Tax Regimes

Set up your BlueCamroo system for up to 1 additional Currency and 2 additional Sales Tax Regimes

1 Unit

Products / Services and Price Books Set-Up

Configure up to 1 additional Price Book and up to 30 Products / Services

1 Unit

Quotation, Invoice and Payment Request Customization

Configure Quotation, Invoice and Payment Request forms with your required layouts / design

1 Unit

Invoice Reminders

Configure up to 6 Invoice Reminders

1 Unit

Setup for Online Payment by Customers

Configure and test integration of a supported Payment Processor . Configure Payment Page with your branding.

1 Unit

Expenses Management Setup

Configure up to 1 Expense Price Book, up to 10 Expense Types, and up to 30 Expense Items

1 Unit

Setup for Billing Time

Configure up to 10 Time Billing Products, up to 10 Billing Grades, and up to 10 Billing Rules.

Integrate Billing Grades to Users / User Groups setup.

1 Unit

Setup for Quickbooks Integration

Prepare and configure connection to Quickbooks (desktop version), using Intuit Quickbooks Web Connector component.

2 Units

Custom Accounting Integrations


Non-Supported Payment Processor Integration

Integration of a payment processor (not currently supported by BlueCamroo1) via published APIs

10 Units

Non-Supported Accounting System Integration (Online Accounting Systems only)

Integration of an online accounting system (not currently supported by BlueCamroo ) via published APIs.

(Integration includes Invoices, Payments and Customer Details only).

20 Units
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