Flex Services

Marketing Automation Setup

Service Flex Units

Web-to-Lead Setup

WTL Form; Autoresponder Email (Workflow Rule); Notification Email (Workflow Rule); Automated Task Creation (Workflow Rule)

1 Unit

Additional Web-to-Lead Form Configuration

Determine company-specific validation rule and requirements for valid input data.

Develop and implement scripts to enforce required validation rules.

Style Web-to-Lead form to match your website

Upload Web-to-Lead form to your website (requires FTP / CMS Admin access)

2 Units

Email Newsletter Template

Using a design / sample that you supply, create and upload an HTML* Email Marketing Template.

*The Template will be tested in Microsoft Outlook and popular web mail applications, both with and without images displayed.

2 Units

Campaign Configuration

List; up to 3-step campaign; tracked links

2 Units
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