Bluecamroo Success Guarantee Program

* All prices are in US Dollars
and are subject to GST/HST for
subscribers in Canada.

The Guarantee

For qualifying participants in the BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program, our guarantee is as follows: if after using BlueCamroo for 6 months you are not satisfied that the system is adding value in your business, you may cancel your BlueCamroo service and receive a full refund of all charges under the Program, including refund of your initial 6 months’ BlueCamroo subscriptions paid up-front.

The 'Small Print'

This Guarantee is subject to BlueCamroo’s general Terms and Conditions, and the additional Terms of the BlueCamroo Success Guarantee Program. In summary, these state that:

  • Notice to cancel and request a refund under the Success Guarantee Program may be given at any time during your 6th month of BlueCamroo usage within the Program, i.e. not earlier than 5 months from your entry into the Program and not later than 6 months.
  • To retain your rights under the Guarantee, you are required to participate fully in the Program and follow the agreed steps. In particular you must
    • Supply any import data from legacy systems as agreed to populate your BlueCamroo workspace
    • Ensure your assigned Project Manager attends all scheduled ‘Checkpoint Meetings’ with your BlueCamroo 'RooMaster. (One change of Project Manager, and 1 re-scheduling of a ‘Success Surgery’ will be permitted.)
    • Ensure that at least 90% of Users attend an online Group Training during the first 2 months that you have the system. (If your users fail to attend the scheduled sessions, additional Group or Individual training sessions may be scheduled to help you meet this requirement, but these will be charged separately and not eligible for refund under the Guarantee.)
    • Ensure that at least 50% of Users log in to BlueCamroo on at least 90% of business days in the first 3 months from the time you launch the system. This reflects that adopting a new CRM system is about both technology and forming new work routines and habits. Successfully implementing any system requires an element of ‘push’, to insist people engage and with the system and thereby have the opportunity for its use to become habitual.
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