BlueCamroo Release Notes 1.9.9

by BlueCamroo Team - Published on 5/19/2010 4:16 PM

What's New in BlueCamroo?

Today, we are releasing a major change to the interface as well as new lead/contact management features such as a campaign manager Internet marketing tool and more visual reports.

Below you will find a complete list of recent changes.

Left Pane Changes

The most noticeable change to the BlueCamroo interface is the Left Pane's menu system has been replaced by a visual toolbar. The options you accessed by the previous menu have largely remained the same.

The Left Pane's mini calendar is now available via the Right Pane. As well the center pane full calendar is available by clicking the Toggle Full Calendar link under the mini calendar.

The Quick Action drop-down box has likewise been moved to the Right Pane.

If you click the Left Pane's Expand >> button, all of the toolbar's sub-menu options display.

New Tools Tab

In the main tab area, a Tools tab has been added. You can use the Tools tab to access future add-on modules. The first-add on module is the BlueCamroo Campaign Manager. See below for more information on Campaign Manager.

Right Pane Changes

A small toolbar has been added at the top of the Right Pane, allowing you to view the mini calendar, the To Do List, and Stats. The mini calendar has a checkbox called Pin to Sidebar. If you check this box, the mini calendar will always display even if in To Do or Stats display mode.

Campaign Manager

Under the new Tools tab is the Campaign Manager add-on module. Campaign Manager allows you to create emails lists from your leads and contacts database and send them email newsletters. Email lists can targeted at subsets of your database by setting up filters. Emails can include click through links and unsubscribe links that allow your leads and contacts to remove themselves from the email list.

Campaign Manager also supports post-campaign metrics, displaying metrics like how many emails were opened, how many users clicked on your included link, and how many bounced back. Metrics can be displayed in both chart/graph format and as tabular data.

Report Charts

Report you create can now display customized charts (pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs) along with the report's tabular data.

Reports Access

When you create reports, a new step has been added that lets you limit who can access your report. You can now specify a group and/or user share.

You might want to review existing self-created reports and adjust access rights as appropriate.

Report Organization

Reports are now organized by tabs on the Reports Overview page. A My Reports tab displays reports you have created. A Shared Reports tab displays reports shared with you by another user. A Pre-Defined Reports tab displays what were previously termed "canned reports".

Report Template

Under Setup's Automation, a Report Template option has been added. You can use it to create a template that will brand your reports, allowing you to export reports with a customized pay layout and headers/footers.

Report Exporting

When exporting reports, you can choose to export just the chart, just the table, or both.

Groups Option for all Search Logic

All pages with search logic (search pages, view creation, report creation, etc.) now have an Add Group option. This option allows you to create groups of conditions. Groups can be joined via And/Or conditions.

Increased Search Criteria

Searches on objects such as leads, projects, etc. can now be performed on a larger number of items. For example, in Projects you can now search on stages, team member fields, product descriptions, etc.

Search Deleted Items

A new Search Deleted Items search page has been added under the Search For button on the Left Pane Toolbar. You can now search the recycle bin for specific deleted items.

Screen Width Support

BlueCamroo now supports screens with a width of 1024px.

Web To Lead

Web To Lead now supports the inclusion of your extra fields.

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