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BlueCamroo 8.3.10 - Extra Data Objects are now Custom Forms

By: BlueCamroo Team 10/27/2022 10:53 AM

Extra Data Objects allowed you to create your own sub-objects that hold data for leads, accounts, contacts, projects, and cases. However, all of that data had to be entered by users. The new Custom Forms enable you to send out save time by sending out these forms to your contacts, automatically capturing their responses in BlueCamroo, you can even use them as surveys.

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BlueCamroo 8.3.8 - Phase 8 of Major Sales Update - New Sales Dashboard

By: BlueCamroo Team 6/16/2022 9:00 AM

A robust Sales Dashboard is an invaluable tool to bring up-to-date sales performance data to salespeople, sales managers, and business owners alike. With a newly devised dashboard, including new graphs and charts, salespeople can easily see where they are relative to their quotas, sales managers can track the performance of their team members, and management can easily oversee the overall sales performance of the entire company.

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BlueCamroo 8.3.7 - Phase 7 of Major Sales Update - Revenue Analysis

By: BlueCamroo Team 4/20/2022 11:00 AM

As we close in on completion of BlueCamroo’s major Sales update we introduce  Revenue Analysis. Analyze the revenue you can expect from sales, based on invoices that have been added. With it, you can see future expected revenue of the entire company, or what a specific team or a team member has brought in. Revenue analysis can help to plan for the future, and also help to recognize any potential revenue concerns ‘today’ by scrutinizing what sales you can anticipate ‘tomorrow’.

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BlueCamroo 8.3.6 - Phase 6 of Major Sales Update - Email Campaigns

By: BlueCamroo Team 3/30/2022 5:00 AM

After adding a new Sales Forecasting feature in our last release, we now have turned our attention to upgrading our Email Campaigns. Email campaigns are an important part of  nurturing customer relationships, marketing, reselling, and more. We also updated some of our other features and added new integrations with two of the most popular Email Marketing software on the market, Mailchimp and Constant Contact. In addition, we also modernized our Company Documents to make them easier to use.

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BlueCamroo 8.3.5 - Phase 5 of Major Sales Update - Sales Forecasting

By: BlueCamroo Team 2/14/2022 5:00 AM

Building upon the new Sales Pipelines added in the last release, this update adds yet another highly requested feature to BlueCamroo: Sales Forecasting. Exclusive to the Sales & Marketing extension, Sales Forecasting is a powerful tool for any business, enabling Salespeople, Managers, Directors, and Executives to gain insight into potential future sales, allowing them to make better informed sales decisions.

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BlueCamroo 8.3.4 - Phase 4 of Major Sales Update - Sales Pipelines

By: BlueCamroo Team 1/20/2022 5:00 AM

This is the fourth in a series of updates that are focused mainly to the Sales & Marketing Extension. In this release we introduce Sales Pipelines, a visual representation of your sales process to help your team view the visual progress of your sales Opportunities as they are captured, nurtured and converted. Unlike a Sales Funnel, which is taken from the lead’s point of view, the Sales Pipeline is taken from your team’s point of view, allowing them to see what actions can, and need, to be taken to advance the Opportunity to the next phase.

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