The Roolosophy Behind "One System Does it all"

by Paul Clark - Published on 12/14/2009 5:17 PM


I've heard many people ask why we would create a system that does everything for a business.  Why not create separate applications like other vendors in the SaaS space?  My response; why wouldn't you want everything in one location?

Sure you may consider that you have different departments within an organization that specialize in one jub function.  Your sales people are responsible for sales and your project managers are responsible for carrying out projects.  So, you have Judy from sales that spends all of her hard time capturing leads and converting them over to paying customers.  She has made all of her notes on that account; their likes and dislikes, what they need and what they don't need, and what they want to buy.  Once they do make a purchase, it's up to the project manager, John, to come in and make sure the project gets delivered.

The problem in using separate SaaS applications

If Judy and John's company were using separate platforms, just imagine how many times duplicate information would have to be entered into them.  The Customer billing address, phone number, contacts, and more. Not only would time be wasted entering this information over again, but there is also the chance that there could be errors in the data entered.  If sales reps and project managers were using one system, not only would the information already be there for both parties, but it would only have to be entered correctly once.

Let's take a further look into Judy's position of capturing leads and converting them into accounts.

When Judy uses BlueCamroo, leads can be coming in automatically from the website or entered into the system manually. Judy can then start to Email the lead from BlueCamroo, log calls that she has made, make notes on the lead, and create tasks for her to do. Since Judy is an excellent saleswoman, the lead decides that they would like to do business with her. With a click of a button, all of the emails, logged calls, notes and tasks are automatically carried over into the newly created account.

If Judy were using one system for Lead Management and another for Account Management, boy would she have a lot of work in store for her to re-create all of this valuable information.

John, Project Manager Extraordinaire

From Judy's job well done, John now has a project that he needs to carry out with all of his team members. Fortunately by using BlueCamroo and not separate systems, the account information is all passed on to the project details, with proper contacts and the value of the project, and maybe even the team members that will be required. Better still, when it comes to invoicing the project (entirely or at specific milestones), John can do so with a click, or even automatically, without having to re-key information over and over again.

And this is just one piece of the business pie

Just think if you were to consider all areas of your business using separate systems for leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, projects, billing and your help desk and all of the precious time you would waste and the probability of errors! That there is enough for us to say that using one system for your business could very well be the better choice.

The concept of BlueCamroo is to help businesses save time and save money. We want to provide something that helps businesses not hurt them.

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