Adaptation is Key to Survival

by Paul Clark - Published on 2/3/2010 4:29 PM

In life, as in business, things are changing constantly - by the week, by the day, by the minute, and it is our ability to adapt to these changes that dictates our survival.

In business we have to listen to the noise. We have to carefully observe our competitor's strategies and actions, we have to listen to the praise, negativity, and demands of our customers, and we must adapt to this noise to come out stronger. It is not enough to sit idle and stick to our original plans and hope that this noise doesn't interfere, because the truth is, it does.

By ignoring our surroundings, we end up making things worse in the long run.

Say for example, company XYZ's customers were always speaking highly of the company and sharing their praises over the web. Then over time, the customers stopped talking. They're not saying anything bad, so perhaps everything is still okay. Right? Not exactly. Maybe company XYZ's customers are not saying anything good about the company anymore, because they are saying good things about a competitor. If company XYZ had noticed that, over time, their customers were saying less and less, they could have implemented a plan to gain back their customer's confidence.

We are all familiar with that popular saying "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" and it is our goal to fill as many glasses as we can.

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