Finding Better Ways to Get Work Done

by Karl Mamer - Published on 2/11/2010 3:32 PM

I think that one of the greatest strengths within our company is that we are constantly search of finding methods and best ways to get work done.  To credit our research and hard work, we were able to develop a system that would not only help our business operate more efficiently, but also a system that millions of other businesses could use every day to make them better.

We have told our story before about how we managed to do so much with so few resources, but I think it can only be really appreciated when people can understand how it all came to be.

Back in 2000, a few of the BlueCamroo team members started a Web development company.  Almost instantly, the projects started lining up as the Web solutions that were offered were those that could not be found anywhere else.  With hundreds of projects to do and with only a few developers, something drastic needed to be done to move away from the standard "To Do" list on pieces of paper and scattered about emails messages.  Things had to become better organized.

Work quickly set in to develop a project management system that would organize all communications associated to each project and integrate simple yet sophistaced and effective task management so that developers, graphic designers, and everyone else, were being notified of what was due and when it was do.  Project managers were able to organize projects into stages with associated tasks and setup automated invoicing that would bill portions of a project when a stage was signed off by a client.  Every person involved on a project suddenly started working collaboratively.  Sharing information and sharing responsibilities.

We had finally developed a system from all of our research that found a much better way to get work done.  And with that system, we were able to take on more projects and grow as a company with fewer resources than companies doing half of the number of projects that we were.

Once the project management portion was done and working like a well oiled machine, we started looking into other areas of the business to develop systems that would help us better manage our customers, stay on top of billing, improve our customer service with a help ticket system, and account for all time that went into providing our services.

As we integrated all of these systems into one "super system", with each piece sharing information and talking to the next, we thought that we couldn't be the only ones that would need a system just like this.  We then made some changes to the system so that it not only suited the way that we did business, but so it would be able to be used by and help millions of other businesses from a variety of different industries.  Thus was born BlueCamroo - a new company and a new product that can help other businesses.

All it took for us to make our company run smoother and get more work done with less, was a careful look into the areas of the business that needed change.  Maybe after you look deep into the way you are running your business you won't find that you will need a system like BlueCamroo in place, but I am sure you'll find something to put in place that will help you get your work done. 

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User Comments
re: Finding Better Ways to Get Work Done
2/21/2010 9:57 PM by Greg London
It's really tough sometimes trying to find better ways to get things done. I think integrating everything into one super system was a great idea. I can see how it would really save time.

Great article.
re: Finding Better Ways to Get Work Done
3/4/2010 9:01 PM by Drew
Thanks for the positive comment Greg!