Pigeons and Bottles and BlueCamroo, oh my! Business Messaging Made Easy

by Paul Clark - Published on 4/7/2010 2:30 PM

Messaging has been an extremely important communication tool throughout history. Pigeons have been used to carry notes from one person to another and even bottles have been used by stranded ships as an S.O.S to be saved. Now, BlueCamroo sets to redefine messaging in the workplace.

As a BlueCamroo user, you would start your day logging into the system and view your new “Inbox” which tells you the number of new items that you have separated by Emails and Internal Messages.

Internal Messages are those communications that go on between BlueCamroo users for tasks, leads, accounts, sales opportunities, projects and help tickets. Where before you may have sent a quick email out or made a phone call to your coworker and then scrambled to take down a note, now you can simply message back and forth and have all of these communications archived.

With the new BlueCamroo messaging system, you can ask a question about a task and have that question saved as a message. You can provide a personal message to a coworker with the task information, where the history of messages from task participants will be sent along with the task.

Forget your sticky notes and illegible comments - messaging in BlueCamroo will help keep everyone together.

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