To Dos and To Do Lists - Managing the Little Things

by Karl Mamer - Published on 4/12/2010 10:04 AM

There are always things that come up throughout the course of our work days that may not need the full capabilities of tasking, but are just things that we need to do. Our to dos are our list of things that we could plan on getting to for a particular day.

If we were to use an employee in a Marketing Department as an example, they may have several To Do Lists for their day, each including a list of To Dos. These To Dos are personal to them and are not shared with any other user.

As an employee in the marketing department my To Do lists may be: Website Updates, Social Media, and Email Marketing. In each To Do list, I would then list all of the items that I needed to get done in order to complete my lists. As each item gets done, I check it off and strike it out – a sign of true progress.

Some To Dos may be a starting point of a task. If I receive a call from a client and make certain promises, I can create a to do list while logging the call. Once the call has been completed, I could go back to my To Dos and convert those To Dos that may involve more resources or other individuals and convert them into tasks.

By utilizing BlueCamroo's new To Dos and To Do Lists, your work day can become better organized.

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