Another Inspiring Release has been Launched

by Paul Clark - Published on 6/7/2010 3:26 PM

Our team hit the pavement rather hard again since we last released our huge tasking and messaging release in April and have just finished delivering the next planned enhancements.

The great thing about releasing new and inspiring features into BlueCamroo is the way they are received by the community, because our users and their experiences is what the system is all about.

This past release from our development Road Map covers many of the aspects that we always wanted BlueCamroo to offer our users as well as certain pieces that have been recommended by our user community that would make their businesses run even more smoothly.  

You should notice now that every BlueCamroo workspace has been beefed up with Reporting, new Dashboards, a fresh new interface, and Email Marketing Campaigns.

More value in Reports

Previously our reporting was very detailed, but what our users were missing was that visual element to quickly see the information they were after. With new charting capabilities in BlueCamroo reports, our users will be able to bring in a whole new dimension to reporting that will increase the speed of decision making and further analyses.

We have also extended our library of Canned Reports to save our users the time of building a report that would be a standard.

Quick snapshots of your business available in new Dashboards

If you've ever thought about how you can see the performance of your sales team, what's in your pipeline, how your projects are holding up, and wanted this information displayed in area that could be quickly seen on a day to day or weekly basis, now you can.

With the new Dashboards area in BlueCamroo, users will have the ability to pick and choose information from their reports and have them displayed in their dashboard's area. Every user can then have quick access to the information that they want to see and whenever they want to see it.

A fresh new Interface that pleases even the most judgmental eye.

We know that in BlueCamroo there is a lot of information that is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. One of the benefits of BlueCamroo is that it can run your entire business, without the need of using multiple software systems. Our goal with the new interface design was to make the information that is displayed more pleasing to the eye; if you're going to be looking at your screen all day, you shouldn't have to look at clutter, but more of a free and soft workspace that shows you exactly what you need to see.

Targeted Email Marketing campaigns for all areas of your business, not just a mailing list

Perhaps the most exciting piece of our new release is the Email Marketing component. Most email marketing software only focuses on one area; a simple one-off email to a standard list of people and doesn't offer any intelligence of what's happening in your business. Users of email marketing programs like this will have to carry out all of their data analysis first, compile their lists, and then load it into the system to distribute. This is not the case with BlueCamroo.

Now imagine your business using BlueCamroo – collecting valuable information on leads, customers, sales opportunities and projects, and then imagine the ability to send out carefully targeted email campaigns to customers who haven't purchased from you in 6 months or customers who had purchased an old, out dated Widget X and now the new and improve model is out and perfect for their business. How about the ability to send out targeted email campaigns to customers with active projects of a certain type to let them know about a sale you are having on a complementary products and services.

BlueCamroo can do all of this and more. Take a look at your leads for an example. You have leads coming through into the system from various areas; from the web, networking, cold calls, and more. You have also obtained quite a bit of data on your leads. With BlueCamroo's email marketing component, you will be able to target leads based on their source (where they came from) ZIP/Post Codes, phone numbers and more. You can even created specific email triggers so that if one of your leads has clicked on a link in your email, another campaign can be sent to follow up on a whole new set of information!

We've come from a history of creating email marketing systems for the web and we understand what it takes to get to your end result - no matter what that may be.

BlueCamroo’s email marketing capability will definitely let your customers know you are paying attention.

Let us know your thoughts on the May and June releases

As always, we want to hear from you. If you've been trying out the new features from the May and June releases, let us know how you feel by posting in the BlueCamroo forums.

I'm looking forward to some great discussions!

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re: Another Inspiring Release has been Launched
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re: Another Inspiring Release has been Launched
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re: Another Inspiring Release has been Launched
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