Twitter tools to tool out more leads

by Karl Mamer - Published on 6/3/2011 2:49 PM

In April we covered a way to use Social Network Scout to get more leads via Twitter. Actually, if you click the Social Network Scout tag most of the BlueCamroo blog topics are about how to use Twitter to hone in high quality leads. This post we're going to look at three third party tools you can use to supplement your experience and increase the number of people you follow/follow you.


Ever wonder which Twitter accounts "rule" a certain hash tag? WeFollow allows you to enter in a hash tag (#crm, #sme, #marketing, etc.) and find out which Twitter users use the tag the most, have the most followers, and are the most "influential". Measuring "influence" is an interesting idea depending on how you define and measure it. Generally it involves:

  • - how many people follow you
  • - your follower/following ratio
  • - how many people retweet you
  • - how many people tweet @ you
  • - how often you tweet

There are a lot of sites that measure influence and each uses a slightly different "secret sauce".

WeFollow is a good way to find thought leaders in various channels.

You can register yourself at WeFollow as a hashtag guru. Simply tweet @wefollow with three hashtags you cover a lot. For example:

@wefollow #crm #scrm #saas

Twitter Maps

Everyone is always trying to locate new friends via common interests. Why not find people close to you in time/space? This Bing feature lets you isolate your work or home vicinity and find out who is tweeting around you. A lead down the street seems more desirable than one on the other side of the world.

The map is highly interactive. Drag, zoom in, zoom out. You'll see updated and additional tweets as you move around the map. This can be highly addictive.

Twitter Friends Network Browser

The Friends Network Browser is a great way to drill down through your friends to their friends and then to their friends and so on without losing the chain of connection between you and the friend you drilled down to. It's a great way to find prospects on Twitter but retain the connection chain which can be valuable when developing a pitch.

And one you shouldn't use


Are you following someone that doesn't follow you back? Worse, gasp, did they UNFRIEND YOU? How dare they! This app makes high school students of us all. Who is adding us and dropping us can be an important metric, certainly. However this app has a "name and shame" feature that automatically posts to your public feed fellow users who have dropped you. Not cool. Not cool at all.

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re: Twitter tools to tool out more leads
1/11/2017 2:56 PM by 1
re: Twitter tools to tool out more leads
1/11/2017 2:56 PM by 1
re: Twitter tools to tool out more leads
1/11/2017 2:56 PM by 1