3 Clear Signs You Need a CRM

by Esteban Castellanos - Published on 7/18/2022 7:10 AM

Every business is different, but the one thing that does unite them all, is that every business needs customers.

When a business starts and it only has a few customers it’s simple enough to rely on your memory, your inbox, and handwritten notes to keep track of any progress you are having with your leads or customers. As the business grows so does the need to keep any update organized and easy to find. The usual next step is to create a file, typically a text file or a spreadsheet, to be shared with your growing team. However, these files have certain limitation which will leave you wondering if you need to make the jump to CRM.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In its simplest form it is a software program that your business can use to keep track of any calls, emails, meetings, files, and more, in one convenient location where anyone in the business can quickly reference to be fully aware of what is happening with that lead or customer, to make sure they can move them forward in the sales process.

And now, let’s review some of the more urgent signs your business might need one:

Sign #1 – Your customer data is a mess

Sure, you’ve relied on your spreadsheets and they’ve served you well, but have you ever spent way too much time searching for a shipping address, or alternate phone number? Do you worry that your file might not be as secure as you need it to be?

Spreadsheets are powerful tools, but it’s important to remember that they were never intended to track customers. CRM solutions, on the other hand, were designed with exactly that in mind. They centralizes all of your data in a single place where anyone who contacts your customer can easily reference any note taken, and then update the record. Centralizing your data will make sure nothing gets missed.

Sign #2 – New or worsening customer complaints

Customers are necessary for every business, and customer complaints come with having to deal with customers. Whether they’re justified or not there will always be a certain level of displeasure from your customers. Keeping an eye on them will let you know which areas of your business needed your focus to be improved, and if you start seeing complaints that it takes too long to hear back from your business, that is a clear-cut sign that you may need to upgrade to CRM.

A CRM can not only help centralize your data, which will accelerate your response times, but a good CRM will also include workflow automation to help you really speed up your processes while making sure nothing gets missed. Emails can be automatically sent out, notifications can be dispatched to specific team members all leading to better communication with your leads and customers.

Sign #3 – You spend too much time on the wrong customers

Your time is your most valuable asset, and spending a disproportionate amount on a customer that ends up buying very little can hurt. CRM allows you to take a step back and analyze your clients in ways you’ve never seen before.

A CRM with proper reporting can let you see trends and detect signals for which clients are likely to be model clients, and which are going to be more trouble than they’re really worth.

A CRM for SMBs

With BlueCamroo CRM you will be able to take control of how your business deals with leads and customers by having the right tool for the job. You will gain transparency over touch-points you have had with every single contact and optimize their buying journey.

You will be able to follow your client’s journey from when you first make contact, throughout your deals with them and into every upselling opportunity and beyond. Your entire team will be able to see and analyze every note, email and call log, making sure your business can get the most out of each opportunity.

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