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May 2012

The Great Cult of Wikipedia
Don't despair if you're looking to leverage wiki to increase your business's exposure. The first thing to remember is Wikipedia is the big show. Having a bat and ball doesn't mean you can join the Yankees. Or even the Blue Jays. Businesses that get their own page tend to be notable. Notable means a lot of "dead tree" press coverage, usually of the national sort. Until you're being covered by your local daily paper, CNET, and a few blogs or news websites that Wikipedia considers notable enough, don't even try to get your company written up in Wikipedia.
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Published on: 5/24/2012 15:17
BlueCamroo Release Notes 4.0.1
"NewCamroo" is live! Our all-new version features an innovative and patent-pending CRM concept and architecture, together new Update Streams to improve team collaboration, and an all-new interface. Initially releasing to new customers, migration for existing BlueCamroo users is slated to start in June 2012.
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Published on: 5/1/2012 14:54