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Create, Manage and Make the Most of Customer Data - Part 1

By: Esteban Castellanos 2/11/2022 6:00 AM

We supposedly live in the era of Big Data, yet businesses everywhere aren’t able to get the most out of the data they have to improve their customer relations or make better-informed marketing decisions. That could be because there is too much data which hasn’t been organized properly, irrelevant data that doesn’t translate into results, or the results take too long to formulate due to a lack of automation.

Accountability, CRM, Data Security

6 Reasons Cloud-Based SaaS is Better than On-Premise

By: BlueCamroo Team 4/17/2019 2:46 PM

When choosing a new solution to help manage some aspect of their business, one of the first things a decision maker needs to identify is whether they prefer a SaaS solution or an on-premise solution.

SaaS solutions are hosted in the cloud and accessed via the internet, whereas on-premise solutions are installed and run on the computers of the people or organization using the software.

Cloud computing, Productivity, Data Security