BlueCamroo 8.0. New Decade.
New BlueCamroo. New Business Model.

CONCORD – January 16th, 2020 – After more than a year in development BlueCamroo announces a release of BlueCamroo 8.0. Completely re-architected, redesigned, with many redefined and new processes, it represents a new forward-thinking approach in cloud-based business applications. Furthermore, BlueCamroo 8.0 introduces a brand new, innovative User-Role based business model to allow companies to get the most for their money.

BlueCamroo’s ground-breaking new business model permits companies to assign different User-Roles to their team members (multiple if required), which ensures that they are only paying for the features each user needs. That way, they will save money while retaining functionality of multiple software in one system.

Previously offered as a fully integrated all-in-one system, BlueCamroo 8.0 still retains the fully integrated feature set, allowing information to flow seamlessly throughout all of the system’s extensions. However, users can choose to sign up for the CRM Free or any of the paid extensions: Sales & Marketing or Projects or Support, or any combination of these. If all the features are still required then all-in-one option is still offered as BlueCamroo Complete for even greater savings.  

From scouting for Leads with marketing activities, following Leads and Leads nurturing, managing Opportunities and delivering Projects to clients, and Supporting them, BlueCamroo covers it all. It all starts with CRM Free.

CRM Free, which is the base-foundation for the entire system, is made available free-of-charge for 4 users, always, and extends to all paid extensions as well.

“There are 3 distinct advantages of ‘New’ BlueCamroo over the competition,” says BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “First, by combining multiple applications into one, you will always have up-to-date information as there will only be one database that is updated when anything changes. Second, with BlueCamroo you can efficiently manage your entire client’s lifecycle. Third, BlueCamroo's User-Role based subscription model allows you to make sure your bill does not bloat as you pay only for the features each of your users need.

About BlueCamroo

Established in Concord, Ontario, Canada in 2009, BlueCamroo Inc. offers BlueCamroo Business Management Software: a fully integrated cloud-based SaaS application. BlueCamroo provides SMBs with a single solution that enables their entire team to collaborate, manage key processes as well as track and share business and customer information.

Companies use BlueCamroo for: Lead Management; Customer Relationship Management; Task and Project Management; Collaboration on Projects; Time Tracking; Billing; Expenses Management; Social Network interaction; Collaboration; Customer Support; Email Marketing; Digital Marketing; Web Development; Business Processes Automation and more.

With an innovative User-Role subscription model, BlueCamroo eliminates the cost and complexity that SMBs face when trying to maintain in-house systems, or integrate multiple online services.

BlueCamroo’s unique, patent-pending architecture provides an easy way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, allowing users to focus more time on their clients and potential clients.

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