Record Management FAQs

How can I transfer ownership of a record (for example, a lead)?

First, make sure the person you want to transfer ownership to has rights to the record type. For example if you're trying to transfer ownership of a lead, make sure the user has access to Organization and People records. Transferring ownership of items can only be done with someone who has been given full access permissions.

To transfer ownership of a record, locate the record via the Main Navigation Panel. Open the record. Click on the record's name in the Summary pane. You will see an Owner drop-down box. Select the new owner and click Save.

Is it possible to share access to a record with other team members?

Yes it is. If you want to give another user access to your record but don't want to lose actual ownership, sharing is the way to go. A record can be shared with one or all of your internal users, as long as they have rights to the record type.

To share a record, locate the record via the Main Navigation Panel. Open the record. Click the Shares item in the Summary Pane.

Once on the Shares page, click Add new and select to share with a specific user group or user and set their access permissions. You can even select a date range that this share will be effective for – this is a great option for sharing an account when one member of your team is off for a temporary leave, like a vacation.

How can I add contacts to an organization or customer?

Contacts are Person records. Once you have a Person record in the system, you can associate that record with a known Organization or Customer record. Locate the Person record you want to associate with an Organization or Customer via the Main Navigation Panel. Open the record. In the Summary Pane, you'll see a link at the bottom that says Add New Organization. Click it. In the Organization field, click the Lookup button and locate the Organization using the Search dialog. Click Add.