BlueCamroo Completes Customer Migration to ‘NewCamroo’

Full Migration Sets the Stage for Further Updates

CONCORD, ON – Jul 24th, 2012 – BlueCamroo Inc. today completed the month-long process of migrating all its existing customers to the new version of its all-in-one CRM-based business productivity suite.

BlueCamroo’s new version – sometimes referred to within the company as ‘NewCamroo’ – features a new user interface and new ways to help team-members collaborate. The biggest updates, however, come from use of an innovative and patent-pending CRM architecture and concepts that are designed break the mould of traditional CRM design and reflect the business world in the 21st Century.

CMO, Paul Clark, explained: “Old-school CRM systems assume a world of Accounts and Contacts, where people only ever work for one company, and consumers barely register. BlueCamroo is built for the modern world where People can work at one Organization or many, or none – and both People and Organizations can be Customers, or Suppliers, or both. Or neither.”

With the migration complete and all users now on the same version, BlueCamroo’s Development Team are already eyeing the next-up items on the company’s product roadmap, which include adding Google Plus to the existing integration of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and later this year a full HTML5 mobile website.

About BlueCamroo

BlueCamroo is an all-in-one online collaborative CRM, Social CRM, Project Management and Business Automation platform. It provides small- and medium-sized businesses a simple and affordable way to manage their lead generation, sales management, project management and customer service processes in a single end-to-end solution.

At its heart, BlueCamroo uses a unique, patent-pending CRM concept and architecture that provides an easy and natural way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, including via online social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. BlueCamroo makes it easy to work with both business clients and individual consumers, and to maintain client history as people move from job to job.

This innovative approach combined with the way BlueCamroo leverages the power of online Social Networks truly brings CRM into the 21st Century.

Established in 2008, BlueCamroo Inc. is based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada.

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