No disruption in supporting BlueCamroo customers through COVID-19 pandemic

CONCORD – March 24th, 2020 – The global COVID-19 situation is changing every day, and to get through this the BlueCamroo team will continue to operate as usual, however we are working remotely from home.

There will be no interruption in our operation and in supporting our clients, which means all support tickets will be responded to in a timely manner. BlueCamroo software is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and it will continue to be maintained throughout. All planned updates and releases will continue as scheduled. For those customers who have not been converted from previous version of BlueCamroo to the new 8.0 release please sit tight as we are working on our new transition schedule. 

“COVID-19 is a global not a regional issue and, at this point, we are not sure how it is going to affect our lives,” said BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “However, we know that we will get through this together! Stay Safe.”

About BlueCamroo

Established in Concord, Ontario, Canada in 2009, BlueCamroo Inc. offers BlueCamroo, a SaaS Business Management Software that combines many essential business services in a single, easily adoptable and affordable business solution.

Designed specifically for SMBs, it offers them the scope and whole-business approach of larger enterprise level systems, yet delivered in a much more manageable manner. This fully integrated approach makes work more efficient than a cluster of stitched together single-purpose applications, delivers better data security, is easier to learn, adopt, use, and manage, and is less expensive.

SMBs get a fully featured business solution (CRM, Sales & Marketing, Projects, Support, Workflow Automation, and much more…) that was designed to grow in unison with their needs through gradual adoption into different internal business units, while eliminating the need for a bundle of single-purpose applications.

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