Email Communication FAQs

How do emails I’ve sent from BlueCamroo work?

When you send an email to a team member, customer, or any one else, an email message will be sent to their email client of choice (Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, etc,) and when that individual replies, their reply will automatically be sent to both your choice of email client as well as directly into the BlueCamroo system.

How can I reply to a message that I have received in the system?

To reply to one of the email messages that you have received in BlueCamroo, you will just need to click on the email to open and view the message, and then click the Reply button at the bottom of the page.

Can I forward an email for my team members?

Yes, just as you would reply to an email message that you have received in the BlueCamroo system, you can also have the option to click the Forward button to forward the message on to others.

Can I send an email to one of the user groups that I have set?

Yes, just as a distribution list would work, when sending, replying to, or forwarding a message, you will have the option to select a User group that has been created in BlueCamroo that the message will be sent to.

BlueCamroo automatically determines the users belonging to the user group and will send the message to each member.