BlueCamroo Boosts Integration with Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Exchange

BlueCamroo’s email handling received a boost.

CONCORD – January 8, 2015 - BlueCamroo announced today significant improvements to email handling through increased integration with Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Exchange email services, as well as generic IMAP-based main services.

BlueCamroo users can now configure their own SMTP mail servers for all system emails sent. In addition each user is able to set individual email account from an integration dashboard to either an Exchange email account, Google Apps, or any other mail services that offers SMTP and IMAP connection. 

“BlueCamroo has never been designed to replace your main, day-to-day email system, as we all have too much email and in a shared tool such as BlueCamroo, adding more people would make impossible to find anything,” said BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “Instead, BlueCamroo is designed to ‘play nicely’ with your main email service, making it easy to retain a copy of important communications – such as an email that you agreed terms with your client – while leaving out the ‘noise’, such as the 10 emails sent and received to reschedule a meeting, that is of no importance when you or a team-member looks at the customer record in a month or a year’s time”.

About BlueCamroo

BlueCamroois an online all-in-one collaborative CRM, Social CRM, Social CRM, Project Management and Business Automation platform. It delivers small to mid-size businesses a simple and affordable way to handle lead generation, sales management, project management and customer service processes.

BlueCamroo’s unique, patent-pending architecture provides an easy way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, allowing users to focus more time on their clients and potential clients.

In 2013, BlueCamroo was proud to be a Top 5 Finalist and the only Canadian in CRM Idol (, a global competition which brings together the industry’s most impactful and inventive small business CRMs to be critiqued by a panel of experts and key influencers.

In a short period of time, BlueCamroo has garnered international recognition for its all-in-one capabilities and most notably for Social Scout, a tool that is continuously developing and growing to effectively manage businesses’ Social CRM. With its industry-first, innovative approach and leveraging of Social Networks, BlueCamroo is bringing CRM into the 21st Century.

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