BlueCamroo introduces another powerful tool for Project Managers: Resource Management

CONCORD – February 12th, 2017 - BlueCamroo adds the all-new Resource Management functionality which gives Managers (or any other user, given proper permissions) the key details and the ability to better manage their Teams most valuable resource, their Time.

“BlueCamroo already has in-depth Time-related functionality so adding Resource Management felt like a natural fit,” says BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “For Projects Managers, it is very important to see, quickly and with great detail, their Team Members’ available Time.”

With Resource Management in BlueCamroo, one can see what Users have been spending their Time on, as well as their availability in the future. This makes it easy for Managers to make any adjustments they need to make on the spot while cycling through their Team Members’ availability.

About BlueCamroo

Established in Concord, Ontario, Canada in 2009, BlueCamroo Inc offers BlueCamroo Business Management Software: a fully integrated cloud-based SaaS application. BlueCamroo provides SMBs with a single solution that enables their entire team to collaborate, manage key processes as well as track and share business and customer information.

Companies use BlueCamroo for: Lead Management; Customer Relationship Management; Task and Project Management; Time Tracking; Billing; Expenses Management; Social Network interaction; Collaboration; Customer Support; Email Marketing; Business Processes Automation and more.

BlueCamroo eliminates the cost and complexity that SMBs face when trying to maintain in-house systems, or integrate multiple online services.

BlueCamroo’s unique, patent-pending architecture provides an easy way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, allowing users to focus more time on their clients and potential clients.

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