Project Management FAQs

How many projects do I get with my BlueCamroo account?

You get an unlimited number of projects within BlueCamroo.

How can I see what has happened with my project since my last visit?

BlueCamroo gives you the ability to view project activity in a number of ways.

Within a specific project, click the History option on the Summary Pane. It might be hidden, so click the More link. You will see a day-by-day change log. Click the Update Stream option on the Summary Pane. The Update Stream provides an interactive wall internal and external users can use to post updates. Finally, click the Snapshot option on the Summary Pane to see an overview of the status of stages, tasks, events, and more.

Can my client view tasks and stages of my project?

Yes. As part of your BlueCamroo environment, you can invite customer contacts into the BlueCamroo system. BlueCamroo provides an invite feature. Upon inviting the contact, BlueCamroo will generate a welcome email and login details for the contact. The contacts can login and view their projects, view and pay outstanding invoices, and view and create new cases.

When your external clients login and view their projects, they can see any tasks that have been assigned to them and view project stages and tasks to see their estimated completion dates and those that have been completed.

How can I keep my project team informed?

The Update Stream is a good, centralized place for team members to keep other team members informed./p>