Project Stages FAQs

What is a project stage?

A project stage is a particular stage of the project lifecycle that will include a set list of tasks that need to be carried out in order for the stage to be completed.

Stages within BlueCamroo can use dependencies, Signoff requests for the end client to approve before proceeding to the next phase, and use invoices to collect payment as different milestones are reached.

How do I add tasks to a project stage?

To create tasks that are associated to stages of a project, simply go into the Stages section of a particular project, create a new stage (if you haven’t done so already) and then click the Add new icon on the Actions bar.

How does a stage signoff work?

Project Stage signoffs help ensure that important milestones of a project are approved by the end client before proceeding on to the next important stage.

If we use a Graphic Design firm as an example, they may need their end client to approve the Logo Design stage of the finished logo before proceeding on to the next Stage of Website Skin Design. Stage Signoffs give your client the ability to approve or signoff on this milestone.

Can I have invoices related to project stages?

Yes, each stage of BlueCamroo allows you to say whether or not the stage requires an invoice to be sent and then to have a Fixed amount invoiced or a percentage of the total project cost to be invoiced.

When it comes time to send the invoice, you can quickly click the Send Invoice button in the Stage Details or you can create an automatic workflow rule to have the invoice sent out automatically on a date or when the status of the Stage has been changed.

How do I make one stage dependent on another?

When creating a project stage, you can easily select to have it rely on (be dependent on) another stage Finishing or Starting and any lag time in Days between each stage.

Just select the dependent stage from the Dependency field, select the type of dependency (Finish to Start or Start to Start), enter any lag time in days and then click the Add button.