BlueCamroo integrates with RingCentral

CONCORD – February 23rd, 2021 – BlueCamroo announced today an important integration with RingCentral that will improve the way users will be able to communicate with their contacts.

BlueCamroo users can now connect their individual RingCentral accounts to initiate phone calls and send SMS messages from inside their workspaces. The ability to make a call, create notes, and time them using timers from one screen will allow users to be more efficient. Users will also be alerted of incoming calls inside the workspace and will be able to answer them.

“The ability to make phone call directly from a workspace, log call details and schedule future calls supported with automation was always on our wish list. Now with RingCentral that is a reality” said BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “And we are really excited about integrating SMS messages into BlueCamroo, opening a new marketing channel for users.”

About BlueCamroo

Established in Concord, Ontario, Canada in 2009, BlueCamroo Inc. offers BlueCamroo, a SaaS Business Management Software that combines many essential business services in a single, easily adoptable and affordable business solution.

Designed specifically for SMBs, it offers them the scope and whole-business approach of larger enterprise level systems, yet delivered in a much more manageable manner. This fully integrated approach makes work more efficient than a cluster of stitched together single-purpose applications, delivers better data security, is easier to learn, adopt, use, and manage, and is less expensive.

SMBs get a fully featured business solution (CRM, Sales & Marketing, Projects, Support, Workflow Automation, and much more…) that was designed to grow in unison with their needs through gradual adoption into different internal business units, while eliminating the need for a bundle of single-purpose applications.

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