Opportunity Management FAQs

What is a close date for an opportunity?

A close date for an opportunity is the date that you expect to close the deal on. This allows all team members to see when the expected close date is and is also very important from the reporting perspective so that you can see the total value of all future opportunities. If you generate a Sales Quote, the quote's valid date will default to the close date.+

What is the opportunity value field used for?

The opportunity value field is used to store what the total value of products and services is that are being used within the potential sale.

The value of this field will be automatically calculated each time you add and remove products and services from an opportunity.

How can I track an opportunity?

At any time, users with access to the Reports area of BlueCamroo can create a report to show all opportunities within the system, what stage they are in, and what the total value of the opportunity is.

What is opportunity probability?

Opportunity probabilities are the probability (or chances) that you think you have in sealing the deal.

Probabilities can be manually entered during the lifecycle of an opportunity, but can also be associated with different phases of the opportunity lifecycle.

From a management and forecasting perspective, reports can be drawn up for any opportunities that have a greater than or less than XX% chance of succeeding. BlueCamroo provides a pre-defined Sales Opportunity Tracking report that uses opportunity probability to calculate your pipeline valuation.

How can I convert my opportunity after I have closed the deal?

Opportunities can easily be converted by opening the opportunity and clicking the Convert Opportunity to Project link found at the bottom of the opportunity's Summary Panel.