Time Tracking FAQs

How can I add time for a task?

When you close a task, you will be given the option to add time. Enter who the time should be logged for, the date and duration spent on the task, a comment, choose to save it to your timesheet and whether the time will be billable or not.

Can I mark time as being billable?

Yes. When closing a task and adding new time in BlueCamroo, all you will need to do is check the Billable checkbox and the task with its time will be flagged as billable when searching timesheets and preparing reports.

How do I report on time?

To generate a report on time, go to the reports section (those with access will be the only ones able to generate reports) and select the Create New Report option.

You can also click the Time option from the Main Navigation Panel and see a weekly report.

How can I see my employees’ timesheets?

As a BlueCamroo system administrator, you can view your employees’ timesheets by clicking the Time button from Main Navigation Panel. The View Other User Time Sheet drop-down box lets you select the employee.

Can time for a task be incremented from day to day?

Yes. Whenever you add progress for a task click the Add Time check box. Enter duration of time spent on the task, the time counter will be incremented.