BlueCamroo’s ground-breaking Visual Workbench for Projects, one of the most important tools in Project Managers toolbox, just got better

CONCORD – May 3rd, 2018 – BlueCamroo’s Visual Workbench for Projects, a powerful Project Scheduling and Planning tool, gets a very well-deserved refresher.

One of the most important tools in a Project Managers toolbox is a Project Scheduling & Planning tool. BlueCamroo offers users this functionality in a few different forms: Timeline, Visual Workbench for Projects, and Stage views.

Every project in BlueCamroo now has its own visual project diagram depicting projects tasks and stages: a Visual Workbench for Projects that assists project managers in all phases of delivering their projects from Planning, to Execution and Monitoring as well as handling change. This is where project managers can go to manually or automatically schedule a project and to have a clearer view of their entire project. They can also make scheduling adjustments by modifying the Work Effort required and Planned Duration of each task and easily see the effect those changes have on Project Stages and on the entire Project Timeline.

“Scheduling a new project and dealing with constant project adjustments are typical activities of projects managers,” says BlueCamroo President and CEO Tomek Maszkiewicz. “Since early 2014 the Visual Workbench for Projects has been the preferred choice for Project Managers to schedule, adjust and reschedule projects changes in BlueCamroo. These new and enhanced features greatly expand the project management capabilities of BlueCamroo.”

About BlueCamroo

Established in Concord, Ontario, Canada in 2009, BlueCamroo Inc. offers BlueCamroo Business Management Software: a fully integrated cloud-based SaaS application. BlueCamroo provides SMBs with a single solution that enables their entire team to collaborate, manage key processes as well as track and share business and customer information.

Companies use BlueCamroo for: Lead Management; Customer Relationship Management; Task and Project Management; Collaboration on Projects; Time Tracking; Billing; Expenses Management; Social Network interaction; Collaboration; Customer Support; Email Marketing; Digital Marketing; Web Development; Business Processes Automation and more.

BlueCamroo eliminates the cost and complexity that SMBs face when trying to maintain in-house systems, or integrate multiple online services.

BlueCamroo’s unique, patent-pending architecture provides an easy way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, allowing users to focus more time on their clients and potential clients.

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