Tasking FAQs

Can I set priorities on a task?

Yes you can. When you are creating a new task or editing an existing task, you can set its priority by select a level of priority from the Priority drop-down field.

Tasks that are marked with a high priority will be marked with a red exclamation point in any Tasks to Do list.

How can I be reminded of when a task is due?

When creating a new task you can enable an option to be sent a reminder a certain period of time prior to the due date.

The Task detials page provides a Reminder drop-down box. Select a time in hours, days, or weeks that you would like to be reminded prior to the task’s due date.

What’s the difference between Finish to Start and Start to Start dependencies?

A Finish to Start dependency means that the dependent task must be finished before the working task can be started. A Start to Start dependency means that the dependent task must be started in order for the working task to start.

How does dependency lag time work?

Lag time is the amount of breathing room in days between the tasks or stages that share the dependency.

Can more than one person be assigned to a task?

Yes. You can setup user groups that allow group task assignments. When creating a task, check the Assign box. Select Group from the accompanying drop-down box. You will then have the option to assign this task to a group.