CRM Idol Contest Takes Toronto Area Firm to ‘Virtual Vegas’

BlueCamroo Inc. Confirmed as one of 42 Official Contestants (Americas Region)

CONCORD – Jul 24th, 2012 – It may not have the glamor, the frocks, or the celebrity tantrums of American Idol, but for young software companies competing for a share of the US$19 billion global CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems market, CRM Idol is a big deal. And for one Toronto area software company, announced Monday as one of 42 official candidates for the Americas region, it’s a golden opportunity to get noticed in a crowded market.

According to Tomek Maszkiewicz, CEO of BlueCamroo Inc: “People often assume the hard part of building a software business is developing the product. It’s not. The hard part is getting your product out there, particularly when you’re up against a market leader such as with over $1 billion per year to spend on acquiring customers. That’s why we’re so excited to have the opportunity to take part in CRM Idol – and we’re in it to win it!”

About CRM Idol (

CRM Idol, first run in 2011, is an annual online contest for young CRM software companies. The brainchild of Paul Greenberg, Chairman of the Board of Advisers at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management CRM Centre of Excellence, it gives selected contestants the opportunity to present their solutions to leading industry influencers (including Greenberg himself), and to gain exposure through a group of prominent media partners. Contestants from the first year have seen their businesses transformed through the process, with several attracting new investors, and three acquired outright.

CRM Idol 2012 runs until November, culminating in final rounds of voting by both industry expert judges and a public vote. Winners will be announced on December 5th.

About BlueCamroo (

BlueCamroo is an all-in-one online collaborative CRM, Social CRM , Project Management and Business Automation platform. It provides small- and medium-sized businesses a simple and affordable way to manage their lead generation, sales management, project management and customer service processes in a single end-to-end solution, accessed with just a web browser.

At its heart, BlueCamroo uses a unique, patent-pending CRM concept and architecture that provides an easy and natural way to track and develop customer relationships in all channels, including via online social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. BlueCamroo allows its users to focus more on their clients and potential clients to secure more business.

This industry-first, innovative approach combined with the way BlueCamroo leverages the power of online Social Networks truly brings CRM into the 21st Century.

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